The Pyramid Execs

These ambitious individuals with varying backgrounds have teamed together to work in their designated areas to provide the latest and greatest for Pyramid Atlanta. 

Asia Thomas


Asia Thomas, a Georgia native, is the founder of Pyramid Atlanta. She got her start as a journalist during her junior year in high school, when she worked as a Freelance Writer at the Pike County Journal-Reporter in Zebulon, Ga. Since then, Asia has been working to expand her horizons in the field of journalism by contributing to sites such as Everything ExclusiveRapRuler and The Signal

She is currently attending Georgia State University as a journalism major and film/video minor. After graduating, Asia plans to work for major news corporations or magazines. 

Follow her on Twitter @AsiaHasSpoken and check out her blog,

Ashley Grant

Creative Director

543922_10200454243781239_392821352_nAshley Grant, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Atlanta, Georgia is the Creative Director of Pyramid Atlanta. Her official journey as an artist started her sophomore year in high school where she began to explore her love of the fine arts by taking courses such as digital photography, sculpture, AP Studio Art, and AP Art History.  From then on, she has blossomed into an ambitious freelance artist doing any and everything from painting oil masterpieces for eager customers, organizing photoshoots, to creating and designing logos and tattoos.

 She, along with Asia, currently attends Georgia State University and studies Graphic Design. After graduating with her BFA in Graphic Design, she plans to pursue her Masters in the same field alongside working for prominent corporations and magazines as their head Creative Director.

 Don’t be afraid to send her an e-mail at

Chynna Lee

Marketing Director chyblkw-1

I was born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Warren County, a small town in Georgia. I was never the child that had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or professional athlete. At age eight, I aspired to be the next Bob Johnson, former CEO of Black Entertainment Television (BET). I grew up with a passion for music and fashion. In high school, one of my favorite pass times was marching in our traditional style marching band. My ear for music made it easy for me to excel. I am currently a marketing major at Georgia State University. I want to work for a prominent corporation in hopes of later building my own brand in music, fashion, and sports.

To contact her, e-mail 

Lakeisha Ligon

Assistant Fashion Editor

photo (2)Lakeisha Annastesia Ligon, a South Carolina native, is the Assistant Music Editor for Pyramid Atlanta. She attends Georgia State University as a journalism student with a concentration in telecommunications. With this degree she plans to work in entertainment news for a major television network or even venture out into the world of public relations.

Her passion is with anything that has to do with celebrities, music, movies…everything in the entertainment industry! Lakeisha chose broadcast journalism as her career path because of her inquisitive nature. She is striving to establish herself in the industry starting with Pyramid Atlanta.

Keep up with Keisha on her social media:

Twitter: @itsAnnastesia

IG: itsannastesia


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