Concert Review: Janelle Monae is the #1 Electric Lady

Concert Review: Janelle Monae is the #1 Electric Lady 


As the lights dimmed, the crowd of eager Janelle Monae fans shrieked in excitement, and two men dressed in white lab coats and black bow ties approached the stage to set up.

 Up until that point, the energy in the room had been driven by the opening acts, Rahbi and Roman GianArthur, but when the time had come for Monae to hit the stage the excitement doubled in anticipation.

 To say that Janelle Monae is a great performer is an understatement, but for fear of sounding like a groupie fangirl, I am just going to leave it at that. 

 Tuesday night at the Tabernacle was the last scheduled show of “ The Electric Lady Tour,” and while there was some fear that it may have been cancelled due to previous cancelations of other show dates, Monae did not disappoint.

 The Atlanta show was kind of like a homecoming for Monae because she and her team at The Wondaland Arts Society are based out of Atlanta. So, she said that she was very excited about it.

 To start her set, Monae began with the edgy duet  “Givin’ Em What They Love,” which features Prince. While there was no surprise visit from Prince himself, Monae still sung the song flawlessly by herself. Then, she kept the energy of the show going with a performance of her single “Dance Apocalyptic.”

 From start to finish, Monae did her best to keep the energy upbeat with fast tempo songs,but she she also allotted for some quieter moments in the show. For example, when she sung her song “Victory” it became a very spiritual and emotion moment.

 Also, when she performed “Primetime” two couples got engaged, which was a really sweet moment as well. Monae even stopped the show to congratulate them. After that, she quickly picked the pace of the show back up again when she sung “Tightrope,” and  fans were overjoyed when Big Boi from Outkast came out to join her in the song.

 Aside from the music, the outfit changes were really cool as well. Each outfit was a variation of Black and White. She started in white skinny jeans, Knee high black boots and a white and black pinstripe moto jacket. Then, later on she was in a floor length cape, and by the end of the show she ended up in black skinny jeans, a white button up, a black and white pinstripe cardigan, bowler hat and flats.

 Another thing that was very admirable in the show was how close Monae was willing to get to her fans. At one point she went down into the crowd and jammed with them, and during one of the songs she made heart symbols with her hands and blew kisses out to the audience. She also crowd surfed.

 All in all The Electric Lady concert was something that many will remember and talk about for a long time. Janelle Monae is definitely a real talent!



[Mixtape] Lil Mook – ‘I Just Paid the Plug’

[Mixtape] Lil Mook – ‘I Just Paid the Plug’


After readying us with releases and a mixtape trailer, Lil Mook gives us his latest mixtape offering, I Just Paid the Plug, on Thanksgiving. 

The 19-track, Trap-A-Holics-hosted project is packed with appearances from artists like Bama2Cups, Scotty, Rich Boy, Rich Homie Quan, Donkey and more, with production from Slash Major, 30Roc, SupLoBeatz–just to name a few.

 Check out the project exclusively on LiveMixtapes.

[Thanksgiving Special Release] Miles Stone unveils ‘KCGC’ record

[Thanksgiving Special Release] Miles Stone unveils ‘KCGC’ record


North Carolina native Miles Stone wants you to kick back and relax on Thanksgiving with his new J’Kita-assisted release, “KCGC.” 

Miles Stone eloquently delivers his southern rap style and pairs perfectly with the vocals of J’Kita–all over a smooth, vibey production.

“KCGC,” which stands for “Kickin it, Chillin, Gettin It, Coolin,” is the follow-up record for his recently released “Locomotion,” all from the Southern rapper’s upcoming project, Hard Liquor.

“It definitely is a big showcase of what I can do songwriter-wise and lyrically.” the rapper told Pyramid Atlanta exclusively. “It is a step higher and on whole different level than ‘Locomotion.’ It shows my progression and is showcase of my potential.”

Miles Stone joined forces again with producer Case Boogie, who produced “Locomotion,” for the laid-back track. 

“I felt like anything that comes out on a holiday is special,” the current Atlanta resident explains the special release. “It could be corny, but if you got a good product, then there’s a reason you are dropping it on a certain day.”

Kick it, chill, get it and relax with Mile Stone on his “KCGC” record below.

[Album Trailer] Childish Gambino – ‘Because The Internet’

[Album Trailer] Childish Gambino – ‘Because The Internet’

Childish Gambino personifies the “No Mouth Emoji” with an anonymous woman in his 14-second trailer for his forthcoming Because The Internet album. 

Because The Internet features Jhene Aiko, Chance the Rapper and Azealia Banks. Pre-order the project on iTunes before its December 10th release after watching the trailer above.

[Mixtape] Millie – Boy Meets World

[Mixtape] Millie – Boy Meets World


New Jersey-born, Atlanta-raised rapper Mille introduces himself to the game with the unveiling of his debut Boy Meets World mixtape. 

The rapper first gave us a glimpse of his work with his “Gossip” single months ago. Now, we have an entire, conceptual set, from the poetic “Words Express” intro to the driving “A Letter To My Father” conclusion, allowing a formal introduction to the artist.

Boy Meets World includes a wide range of production from Sean Rocket, IDvon and Black Akademi, along with features from KayNellz, Kei Charm, Retro Phresh, AjThe Voice, Joe Cross, AhsiaXNaeemah, Carlito Levi and TrOyMaN (who doubles as producer on some of the tracks).

Check out the solid project below, and support this upcoming artist. 

Joey Bada$$ teams up with Akomplice Clothing for good cause

Joey Bada$$ teams up with clothing line for good cause

Image via Akomplice Clothing

Image via Akomplice Clothing

Joey Bada$$ loves the kids.

The Brooklyn rapper and Akomplice Clothing have come together in efforts to benefit underprivileged children and pay homage to the legacy of producer J Dilla.

The two will release a commemorative collection, with Joey rapping over an unreleased J Dilla production, creating the record, “Two Lips.”

All of the proceeds from the collection’s sales will go toward the J Dilla Foundation, a non-profit organization created by the producer’s mother to provide instruments and music lessons to underprivileged children.

“Two Lips” will be released on November 29. Learn more about the project here.



[Mixtape] Jus Nice – “1995”

[Mixtape] Jus Nice – “1995”


South Carolina rapper Jus Nice released his five-track mixtape 1995 at midnight. Though the mixtape is short, every song is a hit, with I Like” and “College Nights” are personal favorites.

The project definitely has an old school vibe and mentions college quite often. It’s relatable for college students because Jus Nice is currently a senior in college.

This man is on his grind as he currently owns the clothing line, Fressh. 

Check out Jus Nice’s 1995 mixtape below.

Have You Heard: Trayon Pass – ‘She’s Fine’

Have You Heard: Trayon Pass – ‘She’s Fine’


Ever met a girl who was physically attractive in every single way? Did you approach her or just admire her from afar? 

Well, Trayon Pass made a song about her. 

The College Park rapper teams up with Translee as the two tell us about a special young lady in the record, “She’s Fine.” 

She’s nothing like the average broad/I wanna take her far/Her swagger is from out of space/Baby, let’s fly away

Listen to the record below.

Have You Heard: Jus Nice’s ‘I Like?’

Have You Heard: Jus Nice’s ‘I Like?’


Rapper and Fressh founder Jus Nice takes it back to the 90s with a steamy sample from R&B girl group Kut Klose as he shows us exactly what he likes in his latest record “I Like.”

Over a smooth production by Tony Gardner, Jus Nice gives us sexy wordplay as he pays homage to artists that delivered love-making music in 1995, naming Usher, Kut Klose and Keith Sweat in the record. 

Check out the sexy record below and check out Jus Nice‘s Fressh line. Listen for the “Martin” snippet at the end!