[Have You Heard] KRivers – ‘What You Doin For Em’

[Have You Heard] KRivers – ‘What You Doin For Em’

KRivers - What You Doin For Em (Pyramid Atlanta)

KRivers of Union Music Group recently released his new song, “What You Doin For Em.” The song is produced by Mook Better of Wilmington, Delaware–the same town UMG is based in. The hook features KRiver’s labelmate ShepUMG.

“If I ain’t talkin money then I’m workin on this music.”

KRivers repeats this line throughout the song and it seems to be true because the rapper does not sound like an amateur.

Get familiar with the artistry of KRivers with “What You Doin For Em” below.

[Video] Young Bo ft. Money Makin Nique – ‘Ion Know Why’

[Video] Young Bo ft. Money Makin Nique – ‘Ion Know Why’

Young Bo ft Money Makin Nique - Ion Know Why (S.O.L.I.D.)

Atlanta rappers Young Bo and Money Makin Nique show off their style and knack for the finer things in life with the visual for their Fresh Jones-produced collab, “Ion Know Why.”

The newly-released visual is cool and laidback as Bo and Nique utilize their verse to tell us exactly why they have these bragging rights.

Nique’s Guyana Gold mixtape and Bo’s S.O.L.I.D. mixtape are available now. Check out the visual below. 


[Project] K. ALI – ‘Free Form’

[Project] K. ALI – ‘Free Form’

K. ALI - Free Form (Pyramid Atlanta)

After giving us a taste of his newest project with the “Chopped and Screwed” single, Nashville rapper K. ALI is back with his new album, Free Form.

With 13 smooth tracks produced by Liyon, this album is bound to have you nodding your head by the end.

K. ALI discusses the overall feel of the album, saying “’Free Form’ is an expression of art via audio. It is meant to revive creativity in Hip Hop. It is meant to uplift people when the sounds touch their ears.”

A Free Form favorite is the sixth track on the album. Titled “Anti-Social,” the song starts with the discussion of what success truly means. After, K. ALI comes in with rhymes about being against society on a beat mixed with Janelle Monae’s “Say You’ll Go.”

Providing a more mellow vibe, Free Form is a great album to listen to while cruising in your car, chilling at home, or when you need some encouragement.

Support this creative artist and check out Free Form below.

[New Project] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Earth EP’

[New Project] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Earth EP’

Jae-R Benjamin - EARTH EP

Atlanta upcoming artist Jae-R Benjamin brings us good vibes and organic sounds in his latest musical offering in the form of an EP called Earth EP.

Earth EP includes five records (with one collaboration with Drago) that eloquently showcase Jae-R’s promising and authentic artistry. 

From the introductory record, “Sun Goes Down ’94” to the last, “Tree House,” each record on Earth holds its own purpose and sound. 

The project serves as a perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with Jae-R Benjamin. Indulge in eleven minutes of organic talent and creativity in Earth EP below. 


[Have You Heard] Malik White – ‘Life That I’m Living’

[Have You Heard] Malik White – ‘Life That I’m Living’

Malik White - Life That I'm Living (Pyramid Atlanta)

Upcoming rapper Malik White has just released his new single, “Life That I’m Living.”

The subject matter of the song is something you don’t hear every day. White talks about black-on-black crime and his real life growing up in the streets.

“Life That I’m Living” is produced by Dubb and is something you can ride to this summer.

I recommend everyone check out White and his new song below.


[Have You Heard] Jon Banks – ‘Affiliation (Fuck N*****)’

[Have You Heard] Jon Banks – ‘Affiliation (Fuck N*****)’



The Juugman is back! Jon Banks gives us a new street anthem in his latest release, “Affiliation (Fuck N*****).”

Plain and simple, the rapper spits, “If you f*** with me, you f****** with the wrong n****,” over the production.

Check out the record below, and hear more from Jon Banks on his SoundCloud.



[Have You Heard] Reek Jamz – ‘Mobbin’

[Have You Heard] Reek Jamz – ‘Mobbin’

Reek Jamz - Mobbin' (Pyramid Atlanta)

Baltimore rapper Reek Jamz gives us his latest work with the freshly released single, “Mobbin.'”

The rapper recruits producer PS for the record as the two come together to create a bumping street anthem. 

The visual for the record is coming soon. Until then, check out Reek’s “Mobbin'” below. 

[Video] Poncho – ‘Alpine Plays’

[Video] Poncho – ‘Alpine Plays’


Rapper Poncho has dropped a new visual for his single “Alpine Plays.” Shot by Kyle Hunter, the vibe of the record is carried out through images of turning up and cruising in your car.

The visual also does a great job of paying homage to Eazy-E’s “Boyz N The Hood,” which is used as a sample.

Watch the video, and check out Poncho’s SoundCloud for more updates on his upcoming releases.

[Have You Heard] Oab Jenkins – ‘Everyday’ ft. Josey Whales’

[Have You Heard] Oab Jenkins – ‘Everyday’ ft. Josey Whales’

Oab Jenkins - 'Everyday' (Pyramid Atlanta)

If you are unfamiliar with the talent of upcoming artist Oab Jenkins, take the time to introduce yourself to his artistry with his latest release, “Everyday.”

Oab calls on fellow rapper Josey Whales to create a smooth collaboration on the record, speaking on everyday goals, accomplishments, and barriers that hinder those positive outlets. The two rappers lay their lyrics over the beautiful, 90s R&B-reminiscent production mastered by Swellthy.

“This is a track that anyone who is an underdog can definitely relate to,” describes the artist. 

“Everyday” is the first single of four upcoming releases from the project Swellthy, due this fall. 

This record is a definite hit for the summer season. Check out the record below, and download it here.