[New Project] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘The Heartbreak Kid 3’

[New Project] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘The Heartbreak Kid 3’

Sy Ari Da Kid - The Heartbreak Kid 3 (Pyramid Atlanta)

We included Sy Ari Da Kid’s record “Make It Up To You” on our February mix, #TheBaeList, but the rapper gives us an entire mixtape of songs about love and relationships with The Heartbreak Kid 3. 

The mixtape, hosted by DJ S.R., DJ Era, & DJ A-Plus, begins with the famous dialogue between Martin and Gina during an argument–the perfect setup for Sy Ari’s project. 

Throughout the project, the rapper teams up with artists like, Marissa, Snootie Wild, and Blu June, and producers, like Yung Lan, Sean Ross, and Big Fruit (to name a few), to give us his take and experiences within the notion of love. 

Sy Ari never disappoints, and even shows us his expanding versatility in records like the Sean Ross-produced “Alone.” 

Sy Ari Da Kid released HBK3 right before Valentine’s Day, but the project can be played throughout the year. Peep it on LiveMixtapes. And check out his “Make It Up To You” record on our #TheBaeList. 



[Have You Heard] Dre Boogie – ‘Ocean View’

[Have You Heard] Dre Boogie – ‘Ocean View’


This artist sparked our interest with his New Beginnings project release last year, and Dre Boogie is back this year with new music. The rapper just released a new record, called “Ocean View.”

Dre’s verses match perfectly with the ocean-like sounds of the BD production on the record. Since we first heard him last year, the rapper has remained consistent with his flow style and his knack for content. “Ocean View” is a good example of this artistry.

Let’s hope to hear more of Dre Boogie in the near future. Until then, peep “Ocean View” below.

[Have You Heard] Miles Stone – ‘Inner Feelings’

[Have You Heard] Miles Stone – ‘Inner Feelings’

Miles Stone - Inner Feelings (Pyramid Atlanta)

Rapper Miles Stone shows us a softer side with his smooth and soulful record, “Inner Feelings.” 

The title of the record is just what Miles gives us in the song: his inner feelings. At the beginning, he tells listeners how he rarely expresses his true feelings when it comes to love and relationships, but allows this song to be his platform to do so. 

Over the Wino Willy production, Miles’s verses circle around his true thoughts of the girl he admires and his fantasies of everything he wants to do with her. 

This record is perfect for the love in the air after Valentine’s Day and those late night thoughts we tend to have about the ones we love. 

[Have You Heard] Kris Jae – ‘Same Ol’ G’ and ‘December 10 (Freestyle)’

[Have You Heard] Kris Jae – ‘Same Ol’ G’ and ‘December 10th (Freestyle)’

Kris Jae - Same O' G and December 10th Pyramid Atlanta Atlanta Indie

After his “Here To Stay” release last year, Kris Jae is back with new music to start off the year with two records: something for the ladies with “Same Ol’ G” and a freestyle called “December 10th (Freestyle).”

Kris teams up with producer Mitch Worthy for “Same Ol’ G.” In the record, the rapper says though lives and times may have changed, he is still down with the same girl. As always, Kris Jae gives us substantial material and great lyrical flow in the record. 

In “December 10th,” the rapper gives us a different sound while still keeping his signature chill vibe as he freestyles over a Kelly Portis-produced instrumental. 

“Same Ol’ G” and “December 10th” leave a great expectation for Kris Jae in 2015. Listen to the records below, and see for yourself. 

“Same Ol’ G”

“December 10th (Freestyle)”


[Video] Drunken Killah – ‘Juice/Shake’

[Video] Drunken Killah – ‘Juice/Shake’

Drunken Killah - Juice/Shake Pyramid Atlanta

Talented producer Drunken Killah illustrates his “Juice/Shake” creation with a visual release. The trippy visual perfectly accompanies the sound and the feel of “Juice/Shake.”

Each beat and transition in the instrumental is visually illustrated by colorful images in the video. The video is truly a journey through images and beats. 

Check it out below. 

Pyramid Atlanta presents: #TheBaeList

Pyramid Atlanta presents: #TheBaeList


With Pyramid Atlanta’s first compilation playlist, we hear the ups and downs of love and relationships from our favorite indie hip hop artists around the city. The playlist is conceptual, and is meant to tug on the familiar emotions and memories we share from past and current experiences with love. Each song tells a different story of love.

1. Will Hill – “Meter” featuring Alkebulan and Miloh Smith

Will takes the term “come through” to another level with his collaborative record, “Meter.” It’s about the simple things: riding around the city with your ride or die significant other. Read more and watch the visual here.

2. Money Makin Nique – “My Woman”

With a smooth vibe, Nique’s cool verses tell us how he likes come home to his woman after a long day of hustling. Sit back, relax with your love, and enjoy this Guyana Gold hit. Nique just released the visual for this cool love song. Watch the illustration here.

3. Eri Soul & Izzy Jone$ – “Days With You”

We hear the power of love through music in this collaboration of a great couple, songstress Eri Soul and rapper Izzy Jone$. With all of the negative connotations we often see and hear, this record is a breath of fresh air and reminds us of how attainable true love can be.

4. Ro$hi – “The Other Man”

Side pieces need love too. Ro$hi plays the role of the boyfriend-on-the-side in this record. Over the instrumental of Dom Kennedy’s “Dream To Me,” Ro$hi talks of how he would treat his lady, who just so happened to be in a relationship. It happens.

5. Sy Ari Da Kid – “Make It Up To You”

Sy Ari Da Kid is a master at making authentic music we can all relate to. “Make It Up To You” is the soundtrack to making up for your wrong doings in a relationship. The record comes from Sy Ari’s “The Ultrasound 2” mixtape.

6. J.Phynix – “Carry On”

J.Phynix transitions us into the visionary of love. Throughout the upbeat record, you imagine all of the things you want to do with the person you love–from relaxing on the beach to traveling the world.

7. Miles Stone – “Inner Feelings”

We hear a soulful vibe in Miles Stone’s unreleased record, “Inner Feelings.” He speaks on his fantasies and intentions of the girl he admires the most. Picture that person you want to give everything to, and that’s what you hear in “Inner Feelings.”

8. Translee – “Had My Way” featuring Eddy Fontane & Marian Mereba

We’re closing out #TheBaeList with a record from Translee’s “What They Want?” mixtape. It’s common knowledge that men typically look for the same qualities in their girl that their mother possess. In “Had My Way,” we hear Translee speak on how he wishes his mother had a chance to meet the wonderful girl in his life.

Listen to the playlist all the way through, below.


[Video] Money Makin Nique – ‘My Woman’

[Video] Money Makin Nique – ‘My Woman’

Money Makin Nique - My Woman Pyramid Atlanta bawse kitty Guyana Gold

Money Makin Nique teams up with Rich Espy to illustrate a cinematic visual for “My Woman,” a track from his Guyana Gold project.

The record already has a smooth vibe with the production and Nique’s cool verses as he tells us how he likes come home to his woman after a long day of hustling.

“Walking in the house, I tell my b**** to get naked. ‘Cause I been out hustling and they got my back aching.”

In the visual, we see the leading lady from his previous “Standing On The Couch” video, Bawse Kitty, come home and relax while she waits for Nique to arrive. Her vibe is cool and sexy as she sparks up and waits for her man. 

Peep the visual below, and vibe to the rest of Guyana Gold here. 

[Have You Heard] Michael Aristotle – ‘Ahlanna Peach’

[Have You Heard] Michael Aristotle – ‘Ahlanna Peach’

Michael Aristotle Pyramid Atlanta Ahlanna peach

Michael Aristotle always pays homage to his city in his music. This time, the Atlanta rapper shows his love for the lovely women in the city of Atlanta with his smooth record, ‘Ahlanna Peach.”

Not only does Michael deliver in his lyrics and originality, but the rappers gives us a catchy hook that could easily become the ringtone for many women in the “A.”

The Wili Hendrixs + Mikey-produced record comes from the rapper’s upcoming album, set for release in March.

Vibe to the record below.


[Have You Heard] Cam Major – ‘Major Man La Flare’

[Have You Heard] Cam Major – ‘Major Man La Flare’

Cam Major Pyramid Atlanta Major Man La Flare

From responding to questions with “B****, I might be” to spitting out the lyrics to one of the Atlanta rapper’s many hits, we all channel our inner Gucci Mane in Atlanta every once in awhile. 

Cam Major hones his inner Gucci Mane La Flare in the first single, called “Major Man La Flare,” from his upcoming project. In the record, we hear Cam pay homage to Gucci as he add his own flavor and signature flows to “First Day Out.”

“Major Man La Flare” is the first leak from Cam Major’s upcoming March release, The Major Tape.

Listen to the record below.


[New Mix] DJ Blak Boy – Blak’s History Month

[New Mix] DJ Blak Boy – Blak’s History Month

Blak's History Month - Pyramid atlanta DJ Blak Boy

We are in the second week of Black History Month, and DJ Blak Boy makes sure we remember great Black leaders and artists and the music that has shaped our culture in his latest mix, “Blak’s History Month.” From 2Pac to famous speeches from Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we hear what Black History Month is all about in this mix. 

Check it out below, and indulge in over an hour of blackness.