[Video] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘Business is Personal’

[Video] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘Business is Personal’

Sy Ari Da Kid - Business is Personal (Pyramid Atlanta)

Sy Ari Da Kid has taken over the city with his music, and continues his takeover with the rapper’s latest video release, “Business is Personal.”

The record comes from Sy Ari’s past mixtape Ultrasound 2: The Birth, hosted by DJ ScreamTrap-a-holicsDJ Iceberg and DJ S.R.

We see the ambitious and talented rapper in every rapper’s natural environment–the studio–as he performs the record, in the visual directed by HipHopSince1987.

Like always, Sy Ari Da Kid does not disappoint with “Business is Personal,” produced by Bumpy Knucles AKA Freddie Foxxx. He is commonly known for his knack for creative wording and fluidity, and he delivers that signature style consistently throughout the record. 

Some rappers have a lot of things to say, but nothing to really talk about in their records. When Sy Ari Da Kid spits, we listen. His content is always substantial, which makes him an all-around solid artist.

See for yourself with the “Business is Personal” visual below. 


[Have You Heard] Zagan – ‘Trip$et’

[Have You Heard] Zagan – ‘Trip$et’

Zagan - Trip$et (Pyramid Atlanta)

New music from talented artists is always a treat. Today, we get fresh tunes from up and coming rapper Zagan, back with his raw, new record, called “Trip$et.” 

Combine outrageously crafted beats by Madbliss with Zagan’s impressive wordplay and raw flow, and you get the product of “Trip$et.”

Zagan’s energy matched with the production additionally enhances the record, making “Trip$et” a song you cannot miss. 

The rapper captioned the record with, “XX/XX/XX Dropping Soon,” so we can definitely expect new music from Zagan!

Zagan and Madbliss created a banger. Listen below. 


[Video] Ace MCcain – ‘Cool’

[Video] Ace MCcain – ‘Cool’


Rapper Ace MCcain is the epitome of cool in his latest  release and accompanying visual, “Cool.” Ace is “sitting hella clean” as he effortlessly delivers crafty and cool wordplay on the two-minute record. 

Ace’s cool delivery and the relaxing cooing in the Uptown production are just a few elements that create the vibe of both the record and the visual, shot by Open Eyes Films. We see exactly why the record was titled “Cool.” 

We can’t wait to hear more from Ace. Until then, peep “Cool.”


[Video] Yako Pack – ‘XXXX’

[Video] Yako Pack – ‘XXXX’


If you have yet to hear the talents of Atlanta-based music collective Yako Pack, the ambitious artists provide a perfect introduction as they team up with immensely talented Atlanta cinematographer Jack [Stillz] for the their first full-length music video, “XXXX.” 

In the black-and-white visual, we see the guys of Yako Pack deliver promising lyricism and creative styles over a soulful, horn-filled instrumental. 

According to Yako Pack, the “XXXX” visual is only the beginning, and I agree wholeheartedly.

The collective gives fans and new listeners solid music and a creative vibes. The ambitious Atlanta artists will deliver even more content this fall, and Pyramid Atlanta cannot wait to hear more from them!

New to Yako Pack? Start with “XXXX.” Peep above. 


[Have You Heard] Saki X DNick – ‘Immortal’

[Have You Heard] Saki X DNick – ‘Immortal’


Rising hip-hop collective NBDMG gives us a fresh collaboration from artists Saki and DNick in the record “Immortal.”

The two rappers heavily murder the fitting Drunken Killah production with high energy, substantial bars, a truly “immortal” flow and the style we always love from NBDMG.  

It’s a beautiful thing to hear the hunger and passion in a rapper’s voice. We hear that in the words of Saki and DNick, which makes the gritty and boastful collaborative record even more enjoyable. 

Check out the collab below. 


[Have You Heard] KasFlow – ‘Gangster Party’ ft. Money Makin’ Nique

[Have You Heard] KasFlow – ‘Gangster Party’ ft. Money Makin’ Nique 

KasFlow - Gangster Party ft. Money Makin' Nique

Atlanta rapper (originally from New Jersey) KasFlow introduced listeners to his artistry on Christmas with his debut LP SCHEMA. Now the artist is back as he prepares for his upcoming project, RUNNA.

KasFlow readies us for RUNNA with another release from the project, called “Gangster Party,” a record about coming together to have a cool, fly function. The rapper enlists none other than fellow Atlanta rapper Money Makin’ Nique for a feature that beautifully complements the aura of the record. 

“Gangster Party” is perfectly fly, hands down. You can hear how KasFlow, Money Makin’ Nique and producers Steezy Zo & MadBliss all work together to provide this cool collaborative record. 

Peep “Gangster Party” below. Download the record on Mediafire for your next BYOB function. I definitely am. 

[Have You Heard] Khaleed – ‘Trap Dreaming’

[Have You Heard] Khaleed – ‘Trap Dreaming’

Khaleed - Trap Dreaming (Pyramid Atlanta)

We see and hear “trap” everywhere. The connotation and lifestyle behind the word “trap” is slowly becoming corny and unoriginal; however, FRVR Wstd artist Khaleed gives us a fresh outlook on the “trap” fad with his soulful and smooth record, “Trap Dreaming.”

“Trap Dreaming” is not like the usual “trapping” song. Producer CAPREA$ON provides us with a mellow production on the record as Khaleed spits on trap dreaming. 

If this is your first time hearing Khaleed, this record is the perfect introduction to his artistry. Listen to mellow vibes, soulful beats and a fresh artist surprisingly breaking the corny fad of “trap” below with “Trap Dreaming.”


[Have You Heard] Sy Ari Da Kid Ft. Migos, K Camp & Strap – ‘Place Your Order’

[Have You Heard] Sy Ari Da Kid Ft. Migos, K Camp & Strap – ‘Place Your Order’

photo (4)

Atlanta hip hop artist Sy Ari Da Kid continues to make major moves in the city with his latest release, the genius collaborative record, “Place Your Order.”

With DJ Sly Planet’s perfectly crafted production, Sy Ari Da Kid teams up with Migos, K Camp and Strap (of Travis Porter) to create a phenomenoal collaboration.

Check out the record below, and purchase it here. 

[Project Review] Amarae – ‘Sessions’

[Project Review] Amarae – ‘Sessions’

Amarae - Sessions (Pyramid Atlanta)

You know a good album when you hear one. The word “good” is actually an understatement for Amaré’s debut album, Sessions. This is the third solo release from the Nedlog Era Camp.

The second that Amaraé’s album flows over the speakers, you know that you are in for a treat. Amaraé, along with Spivey and Chickalo collectively produced one of the hottest and cleanest indie albums out right now.

The introduction to this album is entitled, “I Am A Giant,” and it sets the stage for what is to come. In the audio clip, Diddy is performing a monologue that speaks on the ambition of a man. “I’m a giant! A giant surrounded by ants! Ants can’t even understand what a giant is talking about.” Wow! This line is absolutely great and foreshadows what is to come on the whole entire album.

The next song on the lineup is, “Teleportation 3.” This song delivers as much fire as the first one. Spivey produced a song that is full of lyrical genius. Amaraé spits about his real life issues and struggles of being in school. So many young people can relate to the struggles of trying to stay in school but constantly being under fire and pressure. The artist clearly communicates that at the end of the day, grinding was the most important thing in his life.

For the next song, “Track 2000,” listeners may experience déjà vu. At the beginning of the track there is an infamous audio clip from the classic movie, “ATL.” The conversation heard is from a scene in the movie when one of the main characters, Ant, is in the process of selling drugs to one of his customers. Even though this clip may not be a really big deal to the average person, the tactics that Amaraé is using will definitely make people remember every single one of his songs.

Throughout the whole entire album each song is different and has its own character. Amaraé demands that the music scene respect him because of the work that he has put in. Make sure that you keep an eye out for Amaraé because he is definitely on the rise–he will rise fast.

Check out the album on SoundCloud or DatPiff! Hear and learn more about the Nedlog Era Camp here.

[Have You Heard] Milly ft. Stori Brooks – ‘Wavy’

[Have You Heard] Milly ft. Stori Brooks – ‘Wavy’


Girl power is a beautiful thing. Greensboro, North Carolina singer and songwriter Milly and Atlanta Alternative Hip Hop vocalist and instrumentalist Stori Brooks give it to us in its most raw form with “Wavy.” 

The two artists come together and bring their own vibes and styles to create a beautiful musical aesthetic for our listening pleasure. Their creation is meant to touch your body and soul, and it does just that. 

This song is truly one that cannot be fully described, but needs to be experienced. 

Experience “Wavy” below.