Your suit and tie: 8 rules when dressing dashingly

Your suit and tie: 8 rules when dressing dashingly 

At some point in a man’s life, he will wear a suit, and when he does, he might make a mistake. In fact, he might make the same mistake more than once. No judgment! There is no shame in this because we have all been the bearers of some unspeakable fashion errors in the past.  Still, to help all of you dashingly dressed dudes out there, I have complied a list of 8 simple rules to remember when wearing a suit.

Photo by Alexis Carthan

Photo by Alexis Carthan

  1.  Know what type of suit best fits your body type. Everyone’s body is shaped differently; therefore, designers make suits that come in dissimilar styles which are often proportioned for specific body types and heights.
  2.  Invest in a good multi-occasion suit. Every man will need a suit at some point in his life. Repeatedly renting suits for special occasions will have you looking like a million bucks and your bank accounts looking dryer than the Sahara Desert!
  3.  After you’ve bought it, get it tailored. An oversized suit is NEVER attractive… unless you are going as a pimp for Halloween. Find a good tailor and use his or her services to your advantage.
  4.  Accessorize well. Don’t overdo it. A simple watch and ONE ring will easily do the trick. Watches are always great additions to a suit because they allow the wearer to show a little bit of his personality in his suit.
  5.  Wear suits according to occasion. Enough said.
  6.  Ties are important. Pay attention to tie etiquette. Like the suit itself, learning which ties work best for your body type will give you a much more polished look. Hint: Skinny ties only look cool about 5% of the time.
  7.  Shoes and Belts should be carefully thought out… or should they?  It has been beat into our brain cells that these two accessories have to match… traditionally. The way I see it, it’s 2014 and nothing matches anymore anyways! However, if you think the pair does not look good, it is probably a mess. No sense of style? Ask the salesperson.
  8.  Play with prints and colors. Not only are you faced with the monstrosity that is pinstripe, but you also have a plethora of prints and hues to choose from! Conveniently enough (well, almost), many of the not-so-classic designs you come across can be pulled off when done correctly! 

[Video] AM3N – ‘Exhale’

[Video] AM3N – ‘Exhale’

Augusta hip-hop due AM3N release their latest visual, “Exhale,” from their Say Amen EP. 

The rappers take turns spitting their own styles and flows over a brilliant, rhythmic production from Eli Myles.

Check out the video above, and our interview with the group here. 

[The Plug Interview Exclusive] Meet AM3N

[The Plug Interview Exclusive] Meet Am3n

We’re different, innovative and won’t stop trying until we ARE the next big thing. 


Today we took time to interview and find out more about the indie rap group AM3N, who hails from Augusta, Georgia. The unique acronym stands for Ambitious Men 3nlighten Nations. The artists grace us with their story and bask in the spotlight as they inform us and the world about their upcoming plans for the rap game. Check out the interview with AM3N below. 

PA: What made you all get started on the path to be artists? 

AM3N: At first we were just making music just to be making it or just because it was something to do. That’s until we realized that what we had was really God-given talent and that this was most likely our destiny. 

PA: Who are you influenced by? 

AM3N: We’re influenced by the greats that have already accomplished what we are trying to accomplish (you know the Biggie‘s, the Tupac‘s, the Jay Z‘s) because it constantly reminds us that the task can be completed and that one day all this hard work will be rewarded.

PA: What inspires you? 

AM3N: We’re inspired by anyone who is utilizing every day towards their dream. Whatever your dream is, don’t give up on it. Continue to push until your dream is reality. It’s inspirational to see dream chasers. 

PA: How long have you been making music? 

AM3N: Well we both have been making music since like Jr. High, but we didn’t find out about each other until freshman year of college, and that’s when we decided to join forces. So we’ve probably been making music for 8 years but making music as Am3n for about 3–going on 4–years. 

PA: What song started it all?

AM3N: We would have to say “Faded” off of City On Our Shoulders Vol 1, our debut mixtape. It wasn’t our first song we recorded together but it was the first song we released to the world, and we got positive feedback so we just went from there. 

PA: What audience are you trying to reach? 

AM3N: All audiences really. Definitely would put us in the hip-hop genre but we want anybody to be able to listen to our music and relate it to real-life situations in this world today, and be able to use our music as motivation to get through those obstacles that arise in life. 

PA: Tell me something interesting about the group?

AM3N: A lot of people don’t know this, but AM3N has been together longer than they think. We were elementary classmates in fifth grade. Everyone called us the class clowns because we always stayed in trouble, but some strange way we ended up back as classmates & roommates at FVSU. We feel like God put us back together for a BIG task and we’re gonna go for it.

PA: What artists are you listening to right now?

AM3N: Aw man, too many to name. We like any artist that is passionate about their craft and what they do, rather than artist that’s making music because it’s something to do. It adds substance to the art and that’s makes it more enjoying to listen to. 

PA: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) right now who would it be?

AM3N: We would have to say Drake. He’s killing the game right now. Also Kanye, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. It’s just a few but too many to name.

PA: If you had to tell the world why you’re the next big thing in one sentence, what would you say?

AM3N: Man that’ll be a long run on sentence. But: We’re different, innovative and won’t stop trying until we ARE the next big thing. 

PA: What’s next for you?

AM3N: City On Our Shoulders Volume 2 is definitely coming Spring 2014. Probably give you a few more visuals from Say Amen and Lost Files. Gonna be in a few other cities soon so ‘fwu’ if you see us. Also got some new music coming sooner than you think. But more importantly than all, progression. What’s next for us? We’re gonna continue to get better. 

[Video] DeShaun Duron – ‘Everything’

[Video] DeShaun Duron – ‘Everything’

Singer DeShaun Duron is coming on the music scene with great start. Duron, who currently lives in

Atlanta, has been in love with music since he was a kid. He is a triple threat who can play the saxophone, sing, and write songs.

His album The Creed released on New Year and is currently available on iTunes.

Check out his visual for his “Everything” record above and make sure you check out more from this young ambitious artist.

David Beckham gets sexy in his new H&M commercial

David Beckham gets sexy in his new H&M commercial


David Beckham is making sure that all women across the country tune in to watch the 2014 Super Bowl with his sexy new H&M ad.

The ad will be centered on Beckham’s Bodywear underwear line that is sold at the trendy clothing store, and it will not be the first time he’s had an ad about it shown during the Super Bowl.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a David Beckham ad if it didn’t show him prancing around half naked. So, fans will have the option of seeing him do all kinds of stunts wearing only a pair of briefs, or the option of seeing him show up with nothing but his birthday suit on.

Either way it’s a win-win situation.

Grammy red carpet fashion favorites

Grammy red carpet fashion favorites


Beyonce was beautiful in her see through white lace gown designed by Michael Costello. It hugged her body in all of the right places to give her a lovely hourglass shape. The soul singer paired the look with a vampy smokey eye and red lipstick, which gave her classic look a small edge.

 Taylor Swift looked like a sparkling statue goddess in this Gucci dress. The dress fit her body type so well, and it was the perfect choice for the occasion.


Say what you want, but Madonna’s Ralph Lauren pants suit getup was rather enjoyable. It was age appropriate, and the hat and cane really set the look off.

anna-kendrick-11 The hysterically funny Anna Kendrick brought her sultry side out with her floor length gown designed by Azzaro and Joan Hornig. She finished her look off with some natural looking makeup and soft billows of curls, which she pinned to the side.

grammys2014-kacey-musgraves-3-v_p Kacey Musgraves’ short tutu-like Armani dress was possibly the most adorable look of the night. Though it was a little kooky and somewhat gaudy, it worked for her. The fact that she decided to have fun with the look is admirable.


[Video] Lucy Diamonds- ‘Breakbeat Junkie’

[Video] Lucy Diamonds- ‘Breakbeat Junkie’

From Detroit to Atlanta, Lucy Diamonds is bringing a different kind of sound to the table. Taking on the role as producer and artist in his music for his latest track “Breakbeat Junkie.”

Lucy Diamonds has released a visual, filmed and directed by Cortez Bannerman of New Centre Provisions, for the record.  

“Breakbeat Junkie” is the first to be dropped from his “Life Off the Grid, Too” album.

Check out “Breakbeat Junkie” above and be sure to stream and cop the album below.


[Have You Heard] Badazz- ‘Bad Influence

[Have You Heard] Badazz- ‘Bad Influence’

Pyramid Atlanta: Badazz - Bad Influence

If you are not familiar with Badazz and the Stackin Gold camp, add listening to their music to your to-do list for the year.

“Bad Influence” is the first track released by the camp’s artist Badazz. He may be new to the scene, but be on the lookout for all of the things him and Stackin Gold have up their sleeves.

Don’t forget to check out “Bad Influence,” produced by General Beats, below.

[Have You Heard] TomArts ft. Qwon Don – ‘Polaris’

[Have You Heard] TomArts ft. Qwon Don – ‘Polaris’


Rapper TomArts of Newark, Delaware brings his good vibes in his new record, “Polaris.”

His self-produced record features his crew mate Qwon Don, creating both a solid and unique collaboration. 

Catch “Polaris” on the rapper’s upcoming All Night Dreaming project. Until then, check out the song below.