[Have You Heard] Chynna- Glen Coco (Gianni Lee RMX)

You never really hear a sound quite like this. The Glen Coco mix you are going to hear is really mind blowing. A mix like this does not exist on the indie scene right now.
Philadelphia rapper Chynna called on Gianni Lee to help her reinvent her song Glen Coco. Gianni felt as if the song was so great that it didn’t need to be messed with but then was quoted saying, “When Chynna reached out to me to remix her Glen Coco track I didn’t even think it needed to be touched. With that in mind my entire approach shifted. I wanted to take Glen Coco to the festivals while still remaining true to our city.”
You can tell when artists are supportive of each other because you get great musical products like this song. It is so fun, hard hitting, exciting, different and has so many levels. You can sit with the song on repeat and find new interests in the song every single time.
To hear this artistry mix for yourself, listen to it on Sound Cloud here: https://soundcloud.com/giannilee1/chynna-glen-coco-gianni-lee-remix/s-aU3Ch

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