Young Sizzle – Ray Charles

Although many only know Young Sizzle for the speaker knocking beats he churns out under the name Southside, his efforts on the mic are not to be ignored. With the third installment in his Free Agent mixtape series set to drop soon, Young Sizzle gifts fans with “Ray Charles.”

[Have You Heard] J-Coop- Iceberg Slim

After the first line of Iceberg Slim, you can hear the makings of a classic southern song. J-Coop has taken us back to how things used to be down south with his new single, Iceberg Slim featuring Rod McCoy and Barnabas Shane. This song produced by J. Good was created to pay homage to the “late great, money makin’, Cadillac pimpin” Iceberg Slim.
This song is really smooth and sounds like it could be featured on the “ATL 2” movie soundtrack…if they were to ever make one. The feel is right, anybody from the dirty south will testify that this song is a classis. Great work from up and coming artists.
Listen to this song and see for yourself on Sound Cloud:
Follow the artists on social media: J-Coop (@DaGreatCoop), Rod (@AHEceo), Barnabas (@BarnabasShane), J. Good (@Str8OutDaDen)

[Have You Heard] Chynna- Glen Coco (Gianni Lee RMX)

You never really hear a sound quite like this. The Glen Coco mix you are going to hear is really mind blowing. A mix like this does not exist on the indie scene right now.
Philadelphia rapper Chynna called on Gianni Lee to help her reinvent her song Glen Coco. Gianni felt as if the song was so great that it didn’t need to be messed with but then was quoted saying, “When Chynna reached out to me to remix her Glen Coco track I didn’t even think it needed to be touched. With that in mind my entire approach shifted. I wanted to take Glen Coco to the festivals while still remaining true to our city.”
You can tell when artists are supportive of each other because you get great musical products like this song. It is so fun, hard hitting, exciting, different and has so many levels. You can sit with the song on repeat and find new interests in the song every single time.
To hear this artistry mix for yourself, listen to it on Sound Cloud here:

Keep us with the artists on their social media: @GianniLee @MadeinChynna

[Have You Heard] ILLCLINTON – ‘Never Change Up’

[Have You Heard] ILLCLINTON – ‘Never Change Up’


Hip Hop duo ILLClinton is working hard in the studio and giving their fans a new track every week. They’ve named their weekly series #ILLClintonTuesday. This track is entitled, “Never Change Up.” The song is about staying true to oneself and the people around you.

ILLCLINTON releases some of the best music I have heard so far from Indie Atlanta artist. Rapper and producer, Brennan and producer, Blake, have each perfected what they do. Brennan’s flow surpasses artist that are currently on the radio. The duo mainly produces all of their songs themselves. I look forward to hearing more songs from #ILLClintonTuesday and so should you.

Check it out below. 

[Have You Heard] Milly ft. Stori Brooks – ‘Wavy’

[Have You Heard] Milly ft. Stori Brooks – ‘Wavy’


Girl power is a beautiful thing. Greensboro, North Carolina singer and songwriter Milly and Atlanta Alternative Hip Hop vocalist and instrumentalist Stori Brooks give it to us in its most raw form with “Wavy.” 

The two artists come together and bring their own vibes and styles to create a beautiful musical aesthetic for our listening pleasure. Their creation is meant to touch your body and soul, and it does just that. 

This song is truly one that cannot be fully described, but needs to be experienced. 

Experience “Wavy” below. 

[Have You Heard] Calvin X – ‘Strobe Lights’

[Have You Heard] Calvin X – ‘Strobe Lights’

Calvin X - Strobe Lights (Pyramid Atlanta)

Calvin X gives us his latest offering with his recently released single called “Strobe Lights.” This track is for everyone who likes to get faded.

The rapper is a Boston native, but decided to move his music down south. Even though he is originally a Northerner, Calvin gives a quick shout out to the night club, Quad, which is known for hosting some of the hottest rave parties for college students in the city.

Calvin’s fans know that he can supply the type of music that they demand. There is so much more to hear from this upcoming artist.

Listen to “Strobe Lights” below.


[Have You Heard] Derrick Duncan – ‘The Growth’

[Have You Heard] Derrick Duncan – ‘The Growth’

Derrick Duncan - The Growth (Pyramid Atlanta)

It feels so good to hear an indie artist whose flow is different. Different is what will get you noticed, and different is what Derrick Duncan gives us. As soon as “The Growth” begins to play over your speakers, you realize that Derrick Duncan is different. 

His flow, the beat, everything about the song subtly screams different. The flow of this track produced by Matt Houston is not very often seen by upcoming indie artist. Derrick Duncan has the kind of flow seen by rap veterans that have put in years! A lyric that will more than likely catch your ear is, “Spitting soulful melodies you can feel in your heart.”  There is so much music on the market right now that is targeting the dance floor instead of the listeners’ heart.

From the twang is his voice, you can already tell that Derrick Duncan is a down south boy. He reps his hometown with the line, “I’m from Macon m*therf*cker, where we all want it all.”

Solange breathes life into sneakers with the “Girls of Blaze Disc Collection”

Solange breathes life into sneakers with the “Girls of Blaze Disc Collection” 

Photo courtesy of Solange's Tumblr blog.

Photo courtesy of Solange’s Tumblr blog.

Solange Knowles recently released her Girls of Blaze Disc Collection sneaker line at Opening Ceremony, and it’s garnering much attention.

Photo courtesy of Solange's Tumblr blog.

Photo courtesy of Solange’s Tumblr blog.

The sassy singer is known for her colorful, high fashion and somewhat corky way of dressing. However, these shoes capture that and more.

Photo Courtesy of Solange's Tumblr blog.

Photo Courtesy of Solange’s Tumblr blog.

As the new creative consultant for PUMA North America, Knowles teamed up with four up and coming designers to bring women functional and fashionable shoes inspired by the sights and sounds of Brazil.

Style Watch: Recreate Beyonce’s look

Style Watch: Recreate Beyonce’s look

Photo from Beyonce's Instagram

Photo from Beyonce’s Instagram. Courtesy of Just Jared.

Beyonce posted a few photos of herself out and about  on her Instagram yesterday, and she was rocking a very bright summer time looking outfit.

While Mrs. Carter’s outfit is a great daytime look, there is a way to recreate aspects of this look and make it into a vampy nighttime outfit as well.

  1. Buy a basic black corset and pencil skirt. Both of these things can be easily found at places like H&M or
    Outfit collage created by Raven Schley.

    Outfit collage created by Raven Schley.

    TopShop. You may even already have them stashed in your closet somewhere.

  2. A faux fur vest goes well with this look because it helps give the look a little more personality, and it ties into the vamp theme.
  3. Pair this look with some black strappy heels. The stiletto portion of the shoe doesn’t have to be too large. A three inch heel would be perfect.
  4. To finish this look off put on some silver accessories. Do dark smokey eyes for your make up and keep the rest of your face neutral.

Now you’ve taken Beyonce’s carefree summer out fit and turned it into a vampy nighttime look.

Have You Heard: “Ratchet” – K Camp, GH da Border Hopper, Sy Ari Da Kid

Have You Heard: “Ratchet” – K Camp, GH da Border Hopper, Sy Ari Da Kid


“Ratchet” is not always a bad thing, especially in this new record. 

Atlanta rappers K Camp, GH da Border Hopper and Sy Ari Da Kid come together and deliver their collaborative twerk-friendly tune, “Ratchet.”

The three rappers lay their bars over an electric production by Isyesterday & SASH.

Check out the record below.