[Have You Heard] J. Nolan – ‘Shield of Faith’

[Have You Heard] J. Nolan – ‘Shield of Faith’


J. Nolan has released another feelgood joint. “Shield of Faith” is a song produced by Radio Raheim that speaks to the social injustices that have been happening during the prime of our generation. J. Nolan believes that hip hop is a medium to get out a very important message.

The sound that he brings to the table is one that you hear from veterans that have been in the game for years. Nolan hits us with very smooth lyrics that anyone can vibe to. Throughout his song, he talks about finding his way out and going through struggles that make him the artist he is today. The song is definitely worth listening to. It can turn your day around.



[Have You Heard] Rod McCoy – ‘Girl You Know (Cosign)’

[Have You Heard] Rod McCoy – ‘Girl You Know (Cosign)’

rod mccoy girl you know

Atlanta up and coming artist Rod McCoy brings us a great record to end the year with the release of “Girl You Know (Cosign).” 

The record is smooth and features great lyrics infused with a neo-soul feel, inspired by Marvin Gaye and David Ruffin. 

If you are not yet familiar with Rod, this song serves as a great introduction to the artistry of McCoy. Once you’re hooked on his lyrics and vibe, catch up with his project Selah. 

Peep “Girl You Know (Cosign)” below. 

[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

DSC_2289When you think of Egypt, you probably think of gold and Cleopatra. You are correct in thinking of those things, but Horus Brand Clothing has brought an Egyptian flare to modern times. The symbol that represents the brand is the eye of Horus. This symbol represents health, power, and protection; Horus was the god of the sky and ruler of ancient Egypt.

This brand wants to empower the youth of today through the clothes that they wear. When wearing this line of clothing, the customer should feel like keeping their “mind and body healthy” while being “ambitious and influential to those around you.”

Horus Brand Clothing has a great selection of items for both the ladies and the gentlemen. There are hoodies, t-shirts, necklaces, long sleeved shirts, beanies, and even bucket hats available.

DSC_2301The one item that really caught my eye was the “Dwayne Wayne” flip-top shades. If you don’t have an idea what these look like, just think back to any episode of A Different World. Dwayne was always trying to get a good look at Whitley by flipping up his glasses. The glasses are so fun and could start many interesting conversations. These shades are not an item that you will see any person wearing on the streets.

Make sure you visit the website to order your first item of Horus Brand Clothing.

[Video] J. Nolan – ‘Building Utopia’

[Video] J. Nolan – ‘Building Utopia’


J. Nolan always delivers the best when he drops a new track for the world to hear. This time around, he has released visuals for his song, “Building Utopia.” The song, produced by Reese Jones, is brought to life by this video. Lyrics discretely appear on the screen which helps the words resonate in your mind.

The visual effects for this video are very nice and fitting for the mood of this track. The scene at the lake is awesome for the mood already set by the song. The outfits are retro, and the performance J. Nolan gives makes you want to the whole entire video time and time again.

This song is one off of his upcoming LP entitled, The Humble Legends. Be expecting this project to drop on January 12 of the new upcoming year. Listeners are able to pre-order the LP and get 2 songs now and receive the whole entire LP on the released date.

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Afterglow’

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Afterglow’

IMG_20141108_190600 (1)

Jae-R Benjamin never disappoints. He always provides us with cool vibes and good music. What more could we ask for?

The rapper hits us with a sneak peak of his approaching project with the release of the album’s outro, “Afterglow.”

On the self-produced track, we hear Jae-R offering his signature style and lyrical flow with a fresh wave of euphoric sounds.

The artist is showcasing growth and versatility with both the production and lyrical work. “Afterglow” gets us prepared for the release of his self-produced project, Far Out, set to drop at the first of the incoming year.

Listen below.

[Have You Heard] Dre Boogie – ‘VISIONS’

[Have You Heard] Dre Boogie – ‘VISIONS’


Dre Boogie blew us away with his New Beginnings EP release in July. He brings even more heat and creativity with his second release of “VISIONS,” song included on the EP. 

We heard the snippet on the outro of the EP in“On My Way.” Now we hear the song again, and it is still relevant and just as amazing. The song’s soulful vocals and Dre’s bars work together to create a masterpiece of soul and talent. 

Check it out below. If you haven’t been exposed to the July EP yet, take a listen here. 

[Project] Piera Moore – ‘Z4’

[Project] Piera Moore – ‘Z4’


Atlanta upcoming artist Piera Moore introduces us to her creative artistry with the release of her first EP, Z4. 

At first listen, you can feel the Piera’s wave. Her tone and sound is different–so different that you cannot quite put your finger on it, but it works pretty well. 

She perfectly describes Z4 as an “experimental r&b/chillwave fusion” project. Z4 takes you on a beautiful wave of relaxation with the help of producers Benny Jetts, Marcus Dominic, Red Heat, and Sinister.The first record, “Block Party,” reminds you of the heavy, chill vibe provided by the coming together of alcohol and cool kids. She takes us on a upbeat infusion as mixes her signature vocals with hints at Aaliyah’s “Are U That Somebody” classic in “One More.” 

Piera slows down the EP’s flow with “Polaris” and “How High,” with both tracks offering slow and steady productions paired with the mood of Piera. The flow of “How High” works perfectly to relate to the delayed movements and thoughts associated with being on drugs or maybe even a natural high. 

The EP ends with “Get Out Cho Feelings.” This record is sassy, upfront, and gives us a beautiful portrait of Piera’s attitude and lyrical ability.  

Z4 is a thirteen-minute journey of offbeat talent that works perfectly with Piera Moore. Piera definitely has gained a fan in me. Atlanta was her inspiration; listen below. 

[New Project] Young Q – ‘Have Mercy’

[New Project] Young Q – ‘Have Mercy’

Young Q - Have Mercy Pyramid Atlanta

Young Q reps the southside of Atlanta to the fullest in his latest EP release, Have Mercy. The 21-year-old rapper showcases his artistry and musical style in the 7-track, Product Plug-produced collection. 

The rapper uses Have Mercy to present his individuality as an artist as we hear his knack for metaphors, catchy hooks, and street style on every song included in the project. 

If you have not yet heard of Young Q, check out this project to hear his artistry. 

[Must-Hear Mix] ILLZED – ‘Evo Volume 1’

[Must-Hear Mix] ILLZED – ‘Evo Volume 1’


It’s a new year, and we have heard an array of great indie talent–some of which from the ILLZED collective.

ILLZED Sound+ Wear has partnered with SWVNK Magazine to present an addictive mix of tracks released from the roster’s talent this year. 

The thirty-minute mix features 2014 tracks from Rashaun Hampton, Lonny X, Van Hill, Orrin, Zippo Hebs, and Zeraj Retalso.

This mix was produced for SWVNK’s Lounge Party earlier this month in London, but it is a great treat for ILLZED fans and us at PyramidAtlanta. 

The mix reminds us of the gold ILLZED gave us this year, and we cannot wait to hear new pieces in the coming year. Listen below, and peep the tracklist for the mix below the player. 

Rashaun Hampton – Nowhere To Go

Van Hill – Blame Thy City

Orrin – Moonlight Anime

Zeraj Retalso – Silhouette

Lonny X – U

Zippo Hebs – R3AL

Zeraj Retalso – Geisha

Orrin – Deeper (Remix)

Lonny X – Born 2 Lose

Van Hill – New Town

Zippo Hebs – Mids

Rashaun Hampton – Thanks To Me

Orrin – Y-3

[Project] Stace Loyd – ‘From Stace With Love’

[Project] Stace Loyd – ‘From Stace With Love’

This North Carolina up and coming indie artist, repping the Winston-Salem area, currently resides in Atlanta and is making moves to spread his talent to ears in all regions. In his recently released project, From Stace With Love, Stace Loyd brings together the true essences of hip hop: street and soul. 

Each song on the 12-project exudes its own originality while still conceptually working together to create a fluid project. A personal favorite is early on in the project–a song called, “All For You.” Before the cool and steady beat drops, the record begins with airy vocals we continue to hear during the record’s hook. Stace showcases great lyrical talent and delivery that is captivating.  Another favorite is a “Broken,” a powerful record where Stace tells the emotional story of a broken street girl. 

The rapper provides a nice touch to the mixtape with the “Walk The Walk (Interlude),” preceding before the “Walk The Walk” record. The interlude includes dialogue from comedian and actor Anthony Anderson in the classic hustler film, Hustle & Flow. Anderson’s words not only inspire the project’s listeners, but also speaks to the entire mixtape and what Stace is actually doing with this project: showing himself and walking the walk. 

From Stace With Love is a true street album. Not the type of “street album” many soley associate with the phenom of trap houses and violence, but the project is a piece of hip hop art that takes us through authentic street dreams, situations, and thoughts. I consider this project a “street album,” because Stace gives off the passion and ambition of a street hustler throughout the project.  

Listen to the tape here.