[Have You Heard] Daylan Gideon – ‘YDFWTNR’ (Freestyle)

[Have You Heard] Daylan Gideon – ‘YDFWTNR’ (Freestyle)


It’s always great to hear new music from a talented artist. Daylan Gideon gives us something fresh with his “YDFWTNR” freestyle. The rapper teams up with producer Intense who provides the alluring production for the rapper to lay his freestyle. 

As soon as the beat drops at the beginning, listeners are sold on Intense’s beats. Daylan comes in with his off-the-head flow to truly bring the record full circle. That is what I call a beautiful collaboration. 

No word of when more music from the rapper will be dropping, but we definitely look forward to hearing more!

Peep the freestyle below. 

[Have You Heard] Ron Shirley II – ‘November’

[Have You Heard] Ron Shirley II – ‘November’


This. Is. Why. We. Love. Ron.

Atlanta’s budding star Ron Shirley II blesses us with new music as he teams up with producer Jo-Al in their collaborative release, “November.”

We’re patiently awaiting the release of Ron’s upcoming project, SPECTRUM, but “November” is the perfect song to hold us over until the EP drops. 

If you are familiar with Ron’s previous work in projects like Child of Mercury, you know of Ron’s knack for creativity as well as his different approach to music. Add “November” to the list of Ron favorites. The record is beautifully heartwarming with a touch of eeriness created by both Ron and Jo-Al. This sound is refreshing and only heightens the anticipation for SPECTRUM. 

Enough of the talk, indulge in “November” for months to come below. 


[Have You Heard] JTC – ‘Make a Way’ ft. Semaj Brooklin

[Have You Heard] JTC – ‘Make a Way’ ft. Semaj Brooklin

JTC - Make a Way

We’re closer and closer to the release of the #SadderDaze EP, and Atlanta rapper JTC and producer DJ 10k give us a sneak peek of the project with their Semaj Brooklyn-assisted record, “Make a Way.”

All three parties collaborate smoothly on “Make a Way,” with Semaj on the hook, JTC delivering lyrics, and 10k providing the record’s overall vibe. 

The release date for #SadderDay is soon to come. Stay tuned, and check out “Make a Way” below. 

[Have You Heard] Javon Lanier – ‘Approaching’

[Have You Heard] Javon Lanier – ‘Approaching’


Up and coming rapper Javon Lanier brings us new music to vibe to this week with his latest release, “Approaching.”

The record has a cool vibe created by soulful instruments and throughout the first part, we hear a solid flow from the budding artist. Javon first captures listeners with the production, but seals the deal with his knack for flowing lyrics. 

After we hear from Javon, we hear Will and Jaden Smith in an inspiring scene from The Pursuit of Happyness. The two dynamics–Javon’s flow and the Pursuit of Happyness dialogue–work well together to create an inspiring product. 

The song concludes with Will advising Jaden: “You want something, go get it. Period.” This statement can be beautifully applied to every one of Javon’s listeners and fans.

[Have You Heard] – Matt De LeReaux ft Naj Murph – ‘Done Right’

[Have You Heard] – Matt De LeReaux ft Naj Murph – ‘Done Right’

image1 (1)

Matt De LeReaux gives us something to nod our head to. His new track, “Done Right,” is a great one. Matt features Naj Murph on this song and it’s a great fit.

Matt uses a beat that makes you feel good. With the smooth flow and fly beat, anyone can rock with this song produced by Fanatic. There is some singing along with the rap in this song, a lot of different flows that mesh amazingly.

Listen to it below.

[Have You Heard] DJ Blak Boy – OG Maco’s ‘Live Life 2’ (Chopped and Screwed)

[Have You Heard] DJ Blak Boy – OG Maco’s ‘Live Life 2’ (Chopped and Screwed)


DJ Blak Boy has always been our source for the hottest mixes around town. This time he has slowed it down from the usual upbeat party music that we are accustomed to hearing from him.

OG Maco’s ‘Live Life 2’ is served to us chopped and screwed. It is not too often that we hear a track slowed down and twisted to give it a whole new sound. Adding this effect to music makes it a whole new song and DJ Blak Boy does it with perfection! He is definitely one of the best.

Peep the song after the jump. 

[Video] Michael Aristotle – ‘Heavy 2.0’

[Video] Michael Aristotle – ‘Heavy 2.0’

Michael Aristotle - Heavy 2.0 Pyramid Atlanta

Michael Aristotle always has a crisp delivery, and his newly released video is no different. In “Heavy 2.0,” we see a black and white presentation of Michael doing what he does best.

There is no distraction from Michael Aristotle’s raw lyrics. There are no flashy cars or dancing girls that could take our attention off of the deepness of his words. There aren’t any colors besides the classic black and white. Hearing the story of his battle with family and barely clinging to life gives the listener plenty of color in their mind.

Watch the tasteful video below.

[Have You Heard] Eastside Nony x Stilo We$ – ‘Roll Up’

[Have You Heard] Eastside Nony x Stilo We$ – ‘Roll Up’

Roll Up Stilo Wes Eastside Nony Pyramid AtlantaWe have heard the talents of local rapper Stilo We$ in previous releases like his Something Fresh project, but Stilo introduces us to Eastside Nony with their collaboration, “Roll Up.”

Smokers, this one is for you; however, the lyrical flows infused with the vibe created by Eastside Nony’s beats makes “Roll Up” a record for anyone who appreciates a great collaboration. 

Though only 19 years old, Atlanta rapper and producer Eastside Nony already shows promising signs of great potential and clearly has an ear for captivating music and artistic infusions. 

Stilo and Nony work together on “Roll Up” to create not just another collaboration, but to create a fusion of talent and dope vibes.

Check out the record below.

[Have You Heard] Will Hill – ‘Feelings’

[Have You Heard] Will Hill – ‘Feelings’

Will Hill - Feelings (Pyramid Atlanta)

“I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to get to these millions.”

Since the June release of his IDLE project, Atlanta artist Will Hill only increases his momentum with new records and moves. As apart of his release series #WillHillWednesdays, Will blesses us with a new release by the name of “Feelings.”

For this record, the rapper reaches to the North to team up with Bronx producer AMEN, who crafts the fresh and alluring production. 

Will not only creates a catchy hook, but he brings heavy wordplay and consistent flows–two qualities the rapper has regularly delivered in his releases this year–that provoke an addictive second…third…fourth…fifth listen. 

“Feelings” sounds like the perfect record for Will’s transition after IDLE. The rapper’s confidence and tone throughout the record exude focus and vision for post-IDLE. We hear that as Will drops lines like, “I think it’s time to blow up, land mine.”

Get acquainted with #WillHillWednesdays with “Feelings” below. 

Privus Clothing releases new tees for fall season

Privus Clothing releases new tees for fall season

The weather is getting cooler, and Virginia-based brand Privus Clothing has the perfect, new threads for the season change. 

C_UsersDustinDownloadsimage1 (1)The line has released two new items, their “Thrown Away Cardinal” tee and a 3-pack of logo long-sleeved tees. 

The Basics 3 Pack” comes in three colors and is priced at $35. 

We love this brand for their simplistic designs and color schemes! Check them out!