[Video] Miles Stone – ‘Robbery’ feat. Messiah The Rapper & Charlise J

[Video] Miles Stone – ‘Robbery’ feat. Messiah The Rapper & Charlise J

Miles Stone Charlise J Messiah The Rapper Robbery Pyramid Atlanta

Miles Stone graces us with the visual for his phenomenal Case Boogie-produced hit, “Roberry,” featuring Messiah The Rapper of Southern Playas and songstress Charlise J.

The visual, from 8690 Productions, creates suspense from the time we see Miles and Messiah riding around in a blue Mustang and only increases throughout the storytelling scenes.

You think you know what happens, until you watch the very ending. The visual, like the record, speaks volumes to motives and true intentions of those around you. 

“Robbery” comes from MIles’s upcoming project, entitled Hard Liquor, due this year. The visual is a must-see. Check it out below. 

[Project] Tanner Rowan – ‘Winter EP’

[Project] Tanner Rowan – ‘Winter EP’


After tempting us with a quite ambiguous EP trailer last week, Tanner Rowan is back with the release of his debut EP, Winter EP.

Tanner starts off the project with audio from a meteorologist predicting wintry weather, which creatively works with the theme and title of the EP. The artist then slows it down a bit and plays around with his vocals in the following track, “Alone.” 

The somber mood continues with the Puppyoto-assisted “Destruction,” then the mood picks up a bit with the concluding track, “Denial.”

Tanner’s use of vocals and moods throughout the project make Winter an overall interesting EP. His sound is different, and he utilizes creativity to bring together a consistent and conceptual product. 

Listen below. 

Lyftd relaunches website

Lyftd relaunches website

Lyftd Pyramid Atlanta

Growing Atlanta brand Lyftd is booming with their recent relaunch of their online store. The company is now making their merchandise accessible via their online store and at Stadium ATL in Little Five Points. 

The interactive online store has big, bright graphics and images that show off the Lyftd merchandise. Branded hoodies and headwear of different styles and colors are available on the site. 

Lyftd will also be featuring their merchandise at the State of the Art Atlanta event on Saturday, January 31st at the Fuse Art Center, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Check out their new site, and their merchandise showcase at Saturday’s event. 

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[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

Lonny X Wednesday Pyramid Atlanta

Photo Courtesy of ILLZED ® SOUND

Lonny X has released the visuals for his single,” Wednesday.” The video is so intimate and honest, you can’t help but love it. There is so much contrast between the edgy hip hop and the classic art in the museum.

The ever-present animations also add a dimension to this video that is not present in other music videos. Animation speaks so much to the creativity of the artist.

The scenes change but the flow stays the same. We follow Lonny X around through some really intimate settings and it all ends up with a passerby on the street telling him that he seems to be a strong black man.

That speaks volumes for him. It’s amazing that someone who is just in your life for a few seconds can realize what type of person that you are. Bleek G produced a really great track.

“Wednesday” comes from Lonny’s upcoming release, Ungrateful EP. To see this truly creative video, watch it below. 

[Have You Heard] Retro Phresh – ‘Real Shxt’

[Have You Heard] Retro Phresh – ‘Real Shxt’

Retro Phresh - Real Shxt (Pyramid Atlanta)

The art of storytelling is a timeless aspect that transfers aesthetically into music (when done right). Retro Phresh gets it right with his new release, “Real Shxt.”

As the song title suggests, Retro speaks realness on the new record over a Tha Cratez production (engineered by Tommy Ross). The song is interesting, because the rapper tells two stories that intertwine into a common thought: determination in a time of hardship.

“Real Shxt” comes weeks before Retro Phresh’s RP4EVA EP release. Watch out for the release but until then, vibe to authenticity and talent below. 

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

Pyramid Atlanta Crem de la Crem

Crem de la Crem gives us one of the hottest new music videos of the new year with their “Str8 Like That” visual.  The quality is great; the music is popping and so are the bottles.

It’s no question that rap trio, Crem de la Crem, knows how to party with the release of their single, “Str8 Like That.” The video opens with the trio sitting in the house bored when they get an unexpected phone call that leads them to a really dope party.

Producer Tony Fadd and director KD Gray both helped to create a really fun and exciting music video for the record. 

The Atlanta trio takes a West Coast vibe and truly make it their own with a dope party scene for us to enjoy. Watch the party for yourself below. 

[Have You Heard] ILLCLINTON – ‘Free’

[Have You Heard] ILLCLINTON – ‘Free’

ILLCLINTON - FREE (Pyramid Atlanta) Atlanta hip hop

It’s Tuesday, and it’s time for another ILLCLINTON release for their weekly music release campaign. The duo increases their momentum with this week’s release, “Free.”

The two-minute record comes with a necessary message as Brennan speaks to the various struggles and problems faced in Atlanta over a powerful, call-to-action instrumental crafted by Blake Belair.

Brennan’s ability to spit a powerful message through a rapid flow combined with Blake’s intense production makes you want to get up and do your part in uplifting positivity and productivity in Atlanta.

Check out “Free” below, and catch up with #ILLCLINTONTUESDAYS here.

[Have You Heard] Ferris – ‘Slash and Burn’

[Have You Heard] Ferris – ‘Slash and Burn’

Slash and Burn Ferris Pyramid Atlanta

Ferris gives us something we’re not accustomed to hearing with their “Slash and Burn” release. Though it may not be the bandwagon trap music we have grown to expect from local artists, Ferris joins the innovators of Atlanta with this record. 

The band trio, who describe their sound as rock synth, incorporate acoustic guitar, heavy synth beats, and colorful, live sounds with “Slash and Burn.”

We’re always down for something different. Check out the north Atlanta group below.

[New Project] DNick – ‘Subtle EP’

[New Project] DNick – ‘Subtle EP’

DNick Drunken Killah Subtle EP Pyramid Atlanta hip hop indie

After releasing Lost in TranslationDNick is back with a beautifully crafted EP, called Subtle. Seriously, this 5-track creation is gold. DNick has released solid projects and tracks that I have loved, but Subtle is definitely this artist’s pinnacle. 

The entire project was a alluring wave of calmness that is addicting. It begins with “Lulla – Bye,” and we hear almost seven minutes of genuine lyrics over a steady, smooth production. This vibe continues from song to song, concluding with a more upbeat song, “Something,” to showcase DNick’s talented versatility.

Throughout the project, you can tell someone special inspired most of Subtle. I may be wrong, but the passion and authenticity DNick displays can only be created by a muse–whether from good or bad situations. 

The production was created by the rapper, under his producer alias Drunken Killah.

Press play below, and enjoy. Subtle is also available for free download here.

Have You Heard] The Arts – ‘The One’

Have You Heard] The Arts – ‘The One’

The Arts Pyramid Atlanta The One

New Atlanta artist, The Arts, is showing that he is multitalented on his new track, “The One.” The Arts is a producer, artist, and engineer (he actually went to school to learn how to be an engineer). The Arts has been an independent artist for six years now. On “The One,” he sings and raps. He also produced the song himself. The Arts is currently working on his first mixtape called, Rock$tar. Though “The One” will not be featured on Rock$tar, it is a good glimpse of what to expect from The Arts. 
Check it out below.