Fashion infused into art: It’s a Daye thing

Fashion infused into art: It’s a Daye thing

Kendrick Daye Pyramid Atlanta wearable art

Kendrick Daye is an artist like no other. He creates bright, timeless pieces that exude aesthetic originality. The artist has now transformed some of his art pieces into a new medium for fans and art lovers to enjoy and admire his work.

Daye’s latest venture is a brand called Wearable Art by Kendrick Daye, which features apparel based on a few of his favorite art creations over the years.

Yes, art literally on your back!

His first release from Wearable Art is the Designer Pop piece which features Daye’s Versonce’ piece on the front of the shirt and his Jayvenchy piece on the back. 

From the artist: “So this Versonce + Jayvenchy, designer POP—make them touch iconic. It’s dressed to impress the icon upon you. That’s what stardom is…that’s what this is. This is the word manifest. Know thy selfie, you don’t know it until you wear it.”

Designer Pop, along with several other art pieces, is available for purchase on Kendrick Daye’s website.


Steez Fiendz spreads love with upcoming collection release

Steez Fiendz spreads love with upcoming collection release


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is most definitely in the air. One of Atlanta’s hottest urban brands, Steez Fiendz, has caught the love bug with their upcoming seasonal collection release, called The 2015 SpreadLove Collection. 

With the collection, inspired by Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, the brand aims to create a “clear cut collaborative between the two as well as mixing the old (designs) with the new,” Ray Anderson and Erick Gaylord, the creators of Steez Fiendz, said. 

The brand is teaming up with City of Ink to provide an exclusive showcase for the new collection at a pop-up event on February 7. The night will include the collection’s release, art displays, good food, live tattoos, and tunes by NOAHXZARK.

“We want people to feel a sense of enjoyment when they see the new collection,” the creators said. “It has been produced in exclusive numbers therefore we want you to feel special when you make your purchase. As if it were a collectors item or an original piece of art!”

The idea of SpreadLove came from Ray and Erick wanting to create an event for people amongst the indie scene to come, vibe, spread love, and enjoy each other as the brand continues to grow. 

Check out the event flyer below, and definitely come out to support these positive guys!

Steez Fiendz Pyramid Atlanta


Lyftd relaunches website

Lyftd relaunches website

Lyftd Pyramid Atlanta

Growing Atlanta brand Lyftd is booming with their recent relaunch of their online store. The company is now making their merchandise accessible via their online store and at Stadium ATL in Little Five Points. 

The interactive online store has big, bright graphics and images that show off the Lyftd merchandise. Branded hoodies and headwear of different styles and colors are available on the site. 

Lyftd will also be featuring their merchandise at the State of the Art Atlanta event on Saturday, January 31st at the Fuse Art Center, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Check out their new site, and their merchandise showcase at Saturday’s event. 

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Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)Wisdom ATL has released a line for their Winter 2014 collection.  When you think of wisdom, the first thing that comes to mind is old age. Wisdom ATL is here to completely change our mindset of what it means to have wisdom. Wisdom ATL is showing that as a young generation, we can also exude wisdom. Wisdom is gaining knowledge through experience, being conscious & aware of oneself, and knowing your true potential.

Within this line there are hoodies and t-shirts that showcase sophisticated simplicity. On today’s fashion scene we are so overwhelmed with so many words and colors. Wisdom ATL gives us a pleasant break from all of that with black and white winter gear that showcase the brand in a very fashionable way.

Cop your hoodie or t-shirt on their site today to keep you warm until the Spring/Summer 2015 line drops!

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)


[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

DSC_2289When you think of Egypt, you probably think of gold and Cleopatra. You are correct in thinking of those things, but Horus Brand Clothing has brought an Egyptian flare to modern times. The symbol that represents the brand is the eye of Horus. This symbol represents health, power, and protection; Horus was the god of the sky and ruler of ancient Egypt.

This brand wants to empower the youth of today through the clothes that they wear. When wearing this line of clothing, the customer should feel like keeping their “mind and body healthy” while being “ambitious and influential to those around you.”

Horus Brand Clothing has a great selection of items for both the ladies and the gentlemen. There are hoodies, t-shirts, necklaces, long sleeved shirts, beanies, and even bucket hats available.

DSC_2301The one item that really caught my eye was the “Dwayne Wayne” flip-top shades. If you don’t have an idea what these look like, just think back to any episode of A Different World. Dwayne was always trying to get a good look at Whitley by flipping up his glasses. The glasses are so fun and could start many interesting conversations. These shades are not an item that you will see any person wearing on the streets.

Make sure you visit the website to order your first item of Horus Brand Clothing.

Privus Clothing releases new tees for fall season

Privus Clothing releases new tees for fall season

The weather is getting cooler, and Virginia-based brand Privus Clothing has the perfect, new threads for the season change. 

C_UsersDustinDownloadsimage1 (1)The line has released two new items, their “Thrown Away Cardinal” tee and a 3-pack of logo long-sleeved tees. 

The Basics 3 Pack” comes in three colors and is priced at $35. 

We love this brand for their simplistic designs and color schemes! Check them out!

Must-have fashion apps for 2014

Must-have fashion apps for 2014

Staying on top of your fashion game can be hard, especially if you have a busy schedule. But have no fear, these new 2014 fashion apps will help you stay on top and ready with any put together outfit of your choice in a matter of minutes.




Everyone has had that moment where they saw a “must have” outfit on someone and was itching to find out more information on that greatness. Now, finding coveted items are easy with app ASAP54.

With a snap from your cell phone ASAP54 can detect the color, brand, and texture of any clothing item. This will allow you to come up with your own variation of the style you want with the knowledge of what has already been done. You can also encourage your friends to become ASAP54ers and see what outfits they are snapping/researching.


Source: iTunes

Source: iTunes

After discovering those “must have” outfits, download the app Pose. This app allows you to explore in the online closets of your friends and people that have a career in the fashion industry. From there you can swap or trade items from your closet to another if they desire, or buy items from any closets in the Pose community.

Once you have pieced together the outfit of choice you can show it off by posting a picture on the app and tagging the items that are apart of your ensemble for others to see.


Lastly, if you say to yourself, “I don’t have the money to buy items right now, I just have to make do with the clothes in my closet…” well, you are not alone and the people that created the app Stylebook don’t think that you should be left out either.

This fabulous app allows you to “bring your closet to life.” With this app you can manage the clothes that are in your wardrobe and piece together outfits for the day.

You can even make a calendar of outfits to wear for the month. All you have to do is begin to take photos of the clothing that is in your closet by using the camera on the app. From there, you can piece together outfits that you like until you come up with something that you desire, and get outfit inspiration on Stylebook’s “inspiration library.”

So, try these apps out for yourself and keep the one app or apps that best suit you! With these apps your mission to being a trendsetter will be accomplished.

YDCC releases new bucket hat collection

YDCC releases new bucket hat collection

imageThe bucket hat trend is growing more and more popular this summer, and urban clothing company Young Dreamers is on the wave. The brand just released their collection of bucket hats. 

Their hats boasts their name in a very fitting urban style, making the hat the perfect street headwear for the summer. image (1)

Support this up and coming brand by copping one of these simply dope hats. You can find the hats and more gear on their website.


Will Hill and Steez The Fiendz University collaborate for custom jersey

Will Hill and Steez The Fiendz University collaborate for custom jersey


Atlanta rapper Will Hill and rising urban brand Steez The Fiendz University have come together to collaborate on an impressive custom piece for the rapper’s latest projectIDLE. 

The jersey, designed for fans and supporters of both parties, includes subtle details that work to make a dope piece. There are 50 custom embroidered jerseys available for pre-order purchase on and

If you have yet to check out Will’s IDLE, catch up below.


[Fashion] Privus Releases Summer Collection Preview Pieces

[Fashion] Privus Releases Summer Collection Preview Pieces

Virginia Beach-based clothing line Privus Clothing previews their “Warm Up The Summer” collection with a few preview pieces. 

script tree

Classic Script Tee, Privus Clothing

The preview pieces include a tee showing off their scripted logo and another with “Privus” displayed in a rope-inspired text.  With these pieces we see a minimalistic approach in design and branding. It simply catches the attention without the usual overtly blasting images we typically see in urban brands. 

“Privus has a three big releases in the next couple months,” the brand told us. “[This includes] a of couple capsule releases to fill up the summer with great gear, then our fall delivery in September.” 

Rope Tee, Privus Clothing

Rope Tee, Privus Clothing


Originality is said to be the factor that separates their brand from all others. They focus on cultivating threads for a diverse audience, rather than appealing to one demographic our culture. With these preview releases, we look forward to seeing even more creativity from Privus.  

Find these pieces on PrivusClothing.Net.