Young Sizzle – Ray Charles

Although many only know Young Sizzle for the speaker knocking beats he churns out under the name Southside, his efforts on the mic are not to be ignored. With the third installment in his Free Agent mixtape series set to drop soon, Young Sizzle gifts fans with “Ray Charles.”

[Have You Heard] J-Coop- Iceberg Slim

After the first line of Iceberg Slim, you can hear the makings of a classic southern song. J-Coop has taken us back to how things used to be down south with his new single, Iceberg Slim featuring Rod McCoy and Barnabas Shane. This song produced by J. Good was created to pay homage to the “late great, money makin’, Cadillac pimpin” Iceberg Slim.
This song is really smooth and sounds like it could be featured on the “ATL 2” movie soundtrack…if they were to ever make one. The feel is right, anybody from the dirty south will testify that this song is a classis. Great work from up and coming artists.
Listen to this song and see for yourself on Sound Cloud:
Follow the artists on social media: J-Coop (@DaGreatCoop), Rod (@AHEceo), Barnabas (@BarnabasShane), J. Good (@Str8OutDaDen)

[Have You Heard] Chynna- Glen Coco (Gianni Lee RMX)

You never really hear a sound quite like this. The Glen Coco mix you are going to hear is really mind blowing. A mix like this does not exist on the indie scene right now.
Philadelphia rapper Chynna called on Gianni Lee to help her reinvent her song Glen Coco. Gianni felt as if the song was so great that it didn’t need to be messed with but then was quoted saying, “When Chynna reached out to me to remix her Glen Coco track I didn’t even think it needed to be touched. With that in mind my entire approach shifted. I wanted to take Glen Coco to the festivals while still remaining true to our city.”
You can tell when artists are supportive of each other because you get great musical products like this song. It is so fun, hard hitting, exciting, different and has so many levels. You can sit with the song on repeat and find new interests in the song every single time.
To hear this artistry mix for yourself, listen to it on Sound Cloud here:

Keep us with the artists on their social media: @GianniLee @MadeinChynna

[Have You Heard] Apollo X – Jewels (featuring Uchenna)

[Have You Heard] Apollo X – Jewels (featuring Uchenna)

Jewels Apollo X Uchenna Pyramid Atlanta Rebel Forest

Rebel Forest keeps bringing us new heat. Apollo X from the collective teams up with his fellow rapper Uchenna for their collaborative record “Jewels.”

Over a classic beat creation, the two rappers give us old school hip hop flows and vibes with the record. It is truly a “jewel.”

“Jewels” is only a tease of the things Rebel Forest has up their sleeves. We’re ready.

Vibe to “Jewels” below. 

[Have You Heard] Uchenna – ‘Lil’ Pimp C’

[Have You Heard] Uchenna – ‘Lil’ Pimp C’


We hear new sounds from the Rebel Forest collective with rapper Uchenna’s “Lil’ Pimp C” record. 

Uchenna presents a classic sound based on the the likes of UGKa sound the South is most known for–in the record. You could say he’s paying tribute to the late and great Pimp C, and it’s phenomenal. 

The rapper incorporates classic audio from Pimp C during the song’s transitions, which only adds to the flow and tone of the record. 

Check it out below. 


[Debut Project] Xaviier – ‘Planet X’

[Debut Project] Xaviier – ‘Planet X’

Xaviier - Planet X Pyramid Atlanta

After listening to his debut project, you’ll ask: Where has Xaviier been all of my life? Seriously. His voice is beautiful.

The 21-year-old singer from the OthAsideAtl takes us on a journey of love, life, time, and space in his debut offering, Planet X. 

Planet X begins with a cool introduction, before transitioning into his first love song of the project, “On The Low,” where he croons the ladies with soft words and seductive intentions. 

Just from “On The Low,” don’t think Xaviier is just crooning his female listeners. Right after the record, he puts the controversial and tragic death of Eric Garner into perspective with a timely interlude where the singer speaks on the world-shaking issue. 

Love is the highlight of Planet X, however, and after listening to the full project, you see the full potential and talent of Xaviier as an R&B artist. 

Fall into the journey of love and space with Xaviier’s debut, Planet X.


[Have You Heard] Oliver Twist – ‘Cougar Bait’

[Have You Heard] Oliver Twist – ‘Cougar Bait’

Oliver Twist - Cougar Bait Pyramid Atlanta

We were first introduced to rapper Oliver Twist with his own lyrical renditions of Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq” and Danity Kane’s “Lemonade.” Now the South Florida native (currently based in Atlanta) pays homage to the female hip hop legend Lil’ Kim with his new track, “Cougar Bait.”

Oliver lays his classic lyrical twists and turns over the “Big Momma Thang” instrumental as he explicitly revels his steamy escapades with older women. The record is playful, yet seductive and his stories within his lyrics forces listeners to stay with the song until the end. 

Age ain’t nothing but a number, right? Check out Oliver Twist’s “Cougar Bait” below. 

[Have You Heard] SRFWAVEATN – ‘Dark Matter Energy’

[Have You Heard] SRFWAVEATN – ‘Dark Matter Energy’

Dark Matter Energy Pyramid Atlanta

SRFWAVEATN heats up the city as he teams up with producer Free Diesel for the rapper’s latest high energy release, “Dark Matter Energy.”

Over the production, SRFWAVEATN spits his lyrics and keeps it interesting by switching up his flow throughout the two-minute record. 

The energy on this record is high and infectious. See for yourself below. 

[Have You Heard] The Arts – ‘Remember’

[Have You Heard] The Arts – ‘Remember’

The Arts - Remember (Pyramid Atlanta)

Right before the release of his Rock$tar project, upcoming Atlanta artist The Arts graces us with his “Remember” record. 

Life situations change and relationships suffer, but The Arts takes us back throughout his self-produced song as he reminds his lady of how things once were in their relationship.

“I don’t wanna hear you say no, rather much hear you say yes.”

His beat-heavy production paired with his sentimental lyrics and seductive lyrics create a hit. Check it out below. 



[New Project] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘The Heartbreak Kid 3’

[New Project] Sy Ari Da Kid – ‘The Heartbreak Kid 3’

Sy Ari Da Kid - The Heartbreak Kid 3 (Pyramid Atlanta)

We included Sy Ari Da Kid’s record “Make It Up To You” on our February mix, #TheBaeList, but the rapper gives us an entire mixtape of songs about love and relationships with The Heartbreak Kid 3. 

The mixtape, hosted by DJ S.R., DJ Era, & DJ A-Plus, begins with the famous dialogue between Martin and Gina during an argument–the perfect setup for Sy Ari’s project. 

Throughout the project, the rapper teams up with artists like, Marissa, Snootie Wild, and Blu June, and producers, like Yung Lan, Sean Ross, and Big Fruit (to name a few), to give us his take and experiences within the notion of love. 

Sy Ari never disappoints, and even shows us his expanding versatility in records like the Sean Ross-produced “Alone.” 

Sy Ari Da Kid released HBK3 right before Valentine’s Day, but the project can be played throughout the year. Peep it on LiveMixtapes. And check out his “Make It Up To You” record on our #TheBaeList.