Style Watch: Recreate Beyonce’s look

Style Watch: Recreate Beyonce’s look

Photo from Beyonce's Instagram

Photo from Beyonce’s Instagram. Courtesy of Just Jared.

Beyonce posted a few photos of herself out and about  on her Instagram yesterday, and she was rocking a very bright summer time looking outfit.

While Mrs. Carter’s outfit is a great daytime look, there is a way to recreate aspects of this look and make it into a vampy nighttime outfit as well.

  1. Buy a basic black corset and pencil skirt. Both of these things can be easily found at places like H&M or
    Outfit collage created by Raven Schley.

    Outfit collage created by Raven Schley.

    TopShop. You may even already have them stashed in your closet somewhere.

  2. A faux fur vest goes well with this look because it helps give the look a little more personality, and it ties into the vamp theme.
  3. Pair this look with some black strappy heels. The stiletto portion of the shoe doesn’t have to be too large. A three inch heel would be perfect.
  4. To finish this look off put on some silver accessories. Do dark smokey eyes for your make up and keep the rest of your face neutral.

Now you’ve taken Beyonce’s carefree summer out fit and turned it into a vampy nighttime look.

The Perfect New Year’s Outfit

The Perfect New Year’s Outfit

The New Year is upon us, which means that there will be tons of parties going on to usher it in, and with all of the celebrating, the last thing you may want to be worried about is what to wear.

 The thing to remember when picking out a New Year’s outfit is how to balance comfort with style. If you’re going out to a party, you want to look nice, but your outfit still needs to be functional so that you can maintain a level of warmth for the cold weather and not be in pain by the end of the night.

 So, here’s an outfit that will allow you to do just that!

Created by Raven Schley via Polyvore

Created by Raven Schley via Polyvore

  1.  A velvet bodycon dress is simple and sexy. Plus the material is a little thicker, so it will keep you a little warmer than a normal cotton bodycon dress. 
  2. Pair the velvet bodycon dress with some black tights. You can choose sheer or opaque ones, but the opaque ones will be warmer.
  3. Put an oversized black cardigan on over the dress. A batwing cardigan is a good choice because it complements the dress in a nice way, while also working to keep you warm.
  4. Wedged boots are a great way to make an outfit look more dressed up, and they can also be very comfortable. So, wear this outfit with a pair of black ones.
  5. To complete your look, put on a black slouchy beanie and accessorize with some slightly tarnished grungy looking jewelry.

 In the end you will have a completely functional outfit, that will look good and feel good.


[Have You Heard] Redlite – ‘Zone 4 At Night’ + ‘Bleach’

[Have You Heard] Redlite – ‘Zone 4 At Night’ + ‘Bleach’



Atlanta indie rapper Redlite lets us know what he has been up to musically as he releases two new tracks.

In “Zone 4 At Night,” Redlite takes us on a journey through individual perspectives of a night in the Southwest Atlanta (also known as Zone 4). The Araab Muzik-produced tracks comes from his recent Before the Rain mixtape.

The rapper goes on to showcase his lyricism in his freestyle, “Bleach,” which was recorded after a session at NuAtlanta Studio.

“This one is for all the lover’s of raw hip hop that just need a dose of lyricism every now and then to wipe away the stains of commercial radio,” Redlite says of the freestyle.

[Mainstream Heat] Drake – ‘Trophies’

[Mainstream Heat] Drake – ‘Trophies’


“Golden dreams with a suitcase/I got my whole country on a new wave”

Drake does not seem to be taking a break from the game anytime soon. Mister OVO has teamed up with producer Hit-Boy for his latest song, “Trophies.”

He makes his success known to listeners and to those who consider him a ‘love song’ rapper. Though the track did not make the Nothing Was The Same final cut, it was teased in the album’s trailer back in September.

Check it out below. 

[Video] Far Out Family – ‘NEWATLISH’

[Video] Far Out Family – ‘NEWATLISH’

The Far Out Family welcomes you to their side, as they drop a visual to their first single, “NEWATLISH,” off their forthcoming project Declaration of Independence.

The single presents two up and coming lyricists by the names of Glenn Saddler and Bias the Black, while also featuring the sounds of the lush guitars of The Living.

Their innovative musical vision makes a statement as it breaks boundaries set by the status quo of today’s trends.

Peep the video, directed by Kyle Drew, above. 

[Project] Jetpack Jones – ‘The 3rd Eye Initiative’

[Project] Jetpack Jones – ‘The 3rd  Eye Initiative’


Cali rapper Jetpack Jones teams up with producer Brock Berrigan to release their Sci Fi Jazz Hop project titled The 3rd Eye Initiative.

The 18-track project hosts a variety of features from artists such as Mann, Reem Riches, Mack Chamberlain, Don Diestro, James Joseph and more. Heavily influenced by Jazz and Hip Hop cultures, The 3rd Eye Initiative presents you with an unforeseen musical combination that will lead you on a journey through their lyrical concepts from the beginning to the end of their project. The LP is brought to you by NDG and Trustd Collective.

Check out The 3rd Eye Initiative project on HNHH here. 


Joan Rivers Lashes out at Jennifer Lawrence

Joan Rivers Lashes out at Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has never been silent about her distaste for the media’s criticism of people’s body image and attire, but it was her comment about E! network’s “Fashion Police” that sent Joan Rivers, the sassy comedian and host, into a hissy.

About a month ago, Lawrence spoke to a crowd of fans during a Yahoo chat, and when she was asked how to respond to negative nancies  who criticize people for their looks, her response was less than gentle.

“ Well, screw those people,” Lawrence said.

The Hunger Games starlet then went on to say a few other things about her experience with criticism growing up and about society’s perception of  airbrushed models. However, it was her mention of the show “Fashion Police” in particular that started the seemingly endless shade tirade from Rivers.

“ There’s shows like the ‘Fashion Police’ and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things,” Lawrence said. “ They put values in all the things that are wrong and that it’s OK to point at people and call them ugly and call them fat and they call it ‘fun’.”

Although, the comment was not intended to be a direct attack against the show, the queen of shade herself, Joan Rivers, took it to the heart a little bit. She fired back at Lawrence in a way that only Joan is capable of.

“It’s funny how Jennifer Lawrence loved @E_FashionPolice during awards season when we were  complimenting her every single week,” Rivers said.

The “Fashion Police” host didn’t stop there though.

“ Wait! It just dawned on me why Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way up to the stage to get her Oscar. She tripped over her own arrogance,” Rivers said.

Lawrence did not respond to River’s comments, but that didn’t stop Rivers from firing off one more comment on Dec. 26.

“My New Year’s resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down,” Rivers said.

While this could hardly be considered a feud because Lawrence never really responded back to any of the comments, it is pretty interesting. There are no signs as to whether Lawrence will respond or not.