[Have You Heard] Jay Boogiiee -‘Rings Bells’

[Have You Heard] Jay Boogiiee -‘Rings Bells’

During the snow days the South received weeks ago, 16-year-old Charlotte, NC Jay Boogiiee took the time to enjoy the leisure time by recording a new single, “Ring Bells.”

The record captures the laidback vibe most felt during the snow days, while Jay raps of wanting to make sure his name “rings bells.”

Check out the record above, and more from the artist on SoundCloud.

[Have You Heard] Izzy Jone$ – ‘CHAPO’

[Have You Heard] Izzy Jone$ – ‘CHAPO’

Izzy Jone$ delivers his second installment in his #DOLLARFRIDAYS release series with “CHAPO.” 

The rapper pulls the famous “Training Day” monologue to add to the emotion behind his authentic lyrics. 

Check out the record above, and take a listen to his first #DOLLARFRIDAYS release, “Don’t Flake” here.

Behind The Seams: Creed Co Apparel

Behind The Seams: Creed Co Apparel

Tyshawn Smith

A synonym for the word creed is faith. Creator of Creed Co., Tyshawn Smith, has taken this and created a faith-based brand centered around the positivity of nature. The primarily unisex line consist of diverse tees, outerwear, and bottoms. 

The brand started on a whim, in high school Smith and a group of his friends called themselves Creed.

 “As time passed we became fascinated with the idea of fashion and I pushed it into reality,” Smith said.

Still an infant, the brand started July 13, 2013, and each season a small collection is released highlighting the subject or theme of that season. When selecting a theme, Smith says his inspiration stems from his life experiences, “anything from art I see on a wall to what’s taught in the class room, I take it and mold it into something that can be related to.”

The brand does not yet have a logo, but a bold and clear letter face spelling out “Creed” can be seen on each design. According to Smith, the letter face we see today was completely unintentional, he attempted several different letter faces without success before developing the design we see today.

“I was beginning to call it quits,” Smith said. “My girlfriend made a few suggestions which gave birth to the image which is now seen as ‘Creed Co.‘”

Though Smith controls the pieces released and creates all of the brand designs, he is not a one-man army. Business partners Arviel Jenkins, Mar’quese Hudson, and Daviear Brewster fund and help the brand gain exposure through media outlets and trade shows. 

Photography by Quincy Huston

Photography by Quincy Huston


Creed Co. is about embracing and promoting faith and the role it plays in how people operate in their daily lives. Smith says the purpose of the brand “is to create fashionable products no matter the context of that faith.”

He believes the pure substance and originality of his brand sets it apart from other up and coming brands in Atlanta.

“Nowadays we see a lot of brands bite off the hype of other popular brands, we strive to be different and to bring forth meaningful products,”he said.

Check out their Video LookBook below, and all interested in purchasing clothing from Creed Co can find their products on their website. 

[Have You Heard] DJ Blak Boy – ‘Spring Break Hangover’

[Have You Heard] DJ Blak Boy – ‘Spring Break Hangover’


‘Tis the season for spring break all over the country! For most college students, spring break usually means a ridiculously long road trip. Everyone knows that you need a good soundtrack for one of these dauntless drives.

DJ Blak Boy brought that mix in full force. This project is fun, exciting, and bursting with energy! The beats that are mixed in this tape will have you dancing for days!

“Spring Break Hangover” can be played in the night club or even at a beach party in the middle of the day. The songs are so recognizable and versatile that absolutely anyone can rock with it! He mixes songs from artists like Lorde, Tyga, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Katy Perry and countless others! You could be drunk in love listening to this mix or counting your dollars on the train to the party.

Make sure you check out some of his other mixes on his that are just as hot! Check out “Spring Break Hangover” below.

[Video] Muzi & Divine Cight – ‘Tribes X Angels’

[Video] Muzi & Divine Cight – ‘Tribes X Angels’

After first releasing the record in February, Muzi and Divine Cight use a strong and symbolic music video to bring their collaborative L.A. Chase produced record, “Tribes X Angels,” to life.

The dark visual beautifully illustrates the song with shots of a tribal woman, which could be interpreted as the beautiful combination of tribe and angel, dancing around the flames of a blazing fire. 

Be captured by the visual above. 



[Have You Heard] Cam Major – Alpaca

[Have You Heard] Cam Major – Alpaca



Cam Major always brings out raw creativity in his work, and his new release, “Alpaca,” serves as a perfect example. 

The rapper pairs the production of PARTYNEXTDOOR’S new record, “Persian Rugs,” with a scene from American Gangster where notable actor Denzel Washington gives orders on how his brothers should clean his $25,000 Alpaca rug. 

With these two elements building a solid foundation and creative theme for Cam, the rapper proceeds to lay out his bars about a “strong black woman” in his life. 

“Alpaca” increases the anticipation for Cam’s upcoming release of his Gold Caskets LP.

Indulge into Cam Major’s creativity below.

[Have You Heard] Michael Aristotle x Snakehips x Kaytranada – ‘On&On (Remix)’

[Have You Heard] Michael Aristotle x Snakehips x Kaytranada – ‘On&On (Remix)’

Atlanta artist by way of Brooklyn Michael Aristotle complements the freshness of springtime with the fresh vibes of his latest release, “On&On (Remix).” 

The record is actually Michael’s own fresh take on KAYTRANADA’s beautiful mix of the Snakehips “On & On” record.

Michael never disappoints, but this release definitely stands out from his previous work. His flow mixes perfectly with the remixed production and the soulful vocals of Snakehips.

Michael Aristotle is the founder and CEO of East Chain Records, a label the rapper began with best friend Willy Hendrix, his main producer and engineer.

Check out the record above, and if  you haven’t listened to his what tomorrow may hold LP below. 

[Have You Heard] Cory Bu$h – ‘Wood Chipz’

[Have You Heard] Cory Bu$h – ‘Wood Chipz’


Charlotte, North Carolina brings us new heat with repping artist Cory Bu$h gives us his latest laid-back release, “Wood Chipz.”

The 19-year-old brings a steady flow over a heavy-hitting production, creating a smooth vibe and overall solid record. 

Check out the record below.


[Video] Ralph French – ‘Track 1’

[Video] Ralph French – ‘Track 1’

We experienced Ralph French’s creativity and knack for utter uniqueness in his release of his 3-track EP Ralph last month. 

Now, he is back with the music video for one of the EP’s records, simply titled “Track 1.”

The beyond trippy video was directed by Ralph French himself, while Jaymesnayr and Witty Rock worked to complete the rapper’s vision.   

The song’s visual complements the mood of the record, and demonstrates Ralph French’s artistry for the rest of Ralph.

Check out the video above. 

WARNING: This video may trigger seizures for people with epilepsy. Viewer discretion advised. 

[Project] Jack Stillz – ‘Free Lunch, No Peanut Butter’

Jack Stillz – ‘Free Lunch, No Peanut Butter’

Free Lunch, No Peanut Butter

Atlanta-based photographer Jack Stillz has created an image compilation for music lovers across the city. The collection, titled Free Lunch, No Peanut Butter, captures various artists and up-and-coming icons, plus more. Young Thug, Rome Fortune and Miloh Smith are listed as just a few of the artists photographed. Stillz cites the visual set as “the blueprint to Atlanta’s music.”

He has managed to give aesthetic art through the lens of a camera – with stunning black and whites and defined color images, Free Lunch, No Peanut Butter is nothing short of a book full of flawlessness.

Be sure to check out and cop the collection on his website.