[Have You Heard] J-Coop- Iceberg Slim

J-Coop Good Day ATLanta

After the first line of Iceberg Slim, you can hear the makings of a classic southern song. J-Coop has taken us back to how things used to be down south with his new single, Iceberg Slim featuring Rod McCoy and Barnabas Shane. This song produced by J. Good was created to pay homage to the “late great, money makin’, Cadillac pimpin” Iceberg Slim.
This song is really smooth and sounds like it could be featured on the “ATL 2” movie soundtrack…if they were to ever make one. The feel is right, anybody from the dirty south will testify that this song is a classis. Great work from up and coming artists.
Listen to this song and see for yourself on Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/dagreatcoop/iceberg-slim
Follow the artists on social media: J-Coop (@DaGreatCoop), Rod (@AHEceo), Barnabas (@BarnabasShane), J. Good (@Str8OutDaDen)