[Have You Heard] ItsADolla ft. iLoveMakonnen – ‘Working That’

[Have You Heard] ItsADolla ft. iLoveMakonnen – ‘Working That’

ItsADolla - Working That (Pyramid Atlanta)

ItsADolla is showing us how they do it down in Orlando. He teamed up with Atlanta artist iLoveMakonnen to come up with a banger called “Working That.”

This track was produced by TCMG and the whole team thinks this track should be in rotation at the strip clubs! We all know that Atlanta is infamous for having the hottest gentlemen’s clubs in the country!

Check out the record below, and be on the look out for ItsADolla’s mixtape dropping soon.


[Have You Heard] J. Nolan – ‘Deluxe Edition’

[Have You Heard] J. Nolan – ‘Deluxe Edition’

J. Nolan - Deluxe Edition (Pyramid Atlanta)

“Just rolling through the city, eyes on the prize. On the road to the riches, I’m just trying to survive.”

This is a line from J. Nolan’s new release entitled, “Deluxe Edition.” Nolan’s partner Reese Jones produced this track. His flow is different from many other artists and his ambition is apparent.

This song is part of a compilation album presented by Different Kitchen and Exclaim! Magazine, named, “This One Goes To Eleven…” A lot of work has been put into this album by many different artists including Saukrates and Mickey Factz.

Listen to J. Nolan’s song below, and check out “This One Goes To Eleven…” here.

[Video] Southern Playas – ‘Runner’

[Video] Southern Playas – ‘Runner’

Clay James and Messiah Da Rapper - Southern Playas Volume 1 (Pyramid Atlanta)

Clay James and Messiah Da Rapper have worked relentlessly at creating an image for Southern Playas, and their new music video is conformation of the style that we have all grown to love.

This new release is for a track called “Runna” off of their most recent project, Southern Playas Vol. 1. M-16 produced this track while DJ Iceberg hosted the mixtape.

The video opens up like a scene out of a movie. Clay James and Messiah Da Rapper both bring their own style to the shoot, through lyrics and apparel.

The scenery in this shoot is very interesting and eye catching. 8690 Productions did an impeccable job with this video. Definitely keep your eyes open for more spectacular music videos to come.

Watch the video below.

[Project] Phresh Ali – ‘Billy Clint: The 1990s’

[Project] Phresh Ali – ‘Billy Clint: The 1990s’

Phresh Ali - Billy Clint: The 1990s (Pyramid Atlanta)

The 1990s served to be a phenomenal and trendsetting decade for our generation. Decatur native Phresh Ali captures the good times, media and entertainment we cherish from the decade in his latest project release, Billy Clint: The 1990s.

He calls the project his “ode to the golden age of hip hop: the 1990s,” naming it after important 1990s public figure President Bill Clinton.

The 13-track mixtape features tracks from TLC, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Missy Elliott, A Tribe Called Quest, and many more. Ali begins the nostalgic journey with introductory record, “Nostalgia,” which takes us down memory lane as we hear soundbites from the O.J. Simpson trial, Suge Knight’s epic Diddy diss, Wu Tang Clan, the 1996 Olympics and so much more. 

The memories do not end there. Throughout the rest of the project, we hear Ali infuse his own modern hip hop flare with the vibes of the 90s. 

Billy Clint: The 1990s is a beautifully-crafted journey of our childhood and an age we all cherish. Phresh Ali shines through in creativity, musical balance, and substance with impressive work consistently throughout the project. 

This is a project you do not want to overlook! Check it out below. 

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Cosmic’

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Cosmic’

Jae-R Benjamin - Cosmic (Pyramid Atlanta)

After capturing our attention with his organic EP, Earth, promising Atlanta artist Jae-R Benjamin is back with his new single release, “Cosmic.”

Jae-R continues his signature vibe of organic sounds and cosmic flows with the fittingly named record. From the quality of the production to the content of his lyrics, Jae-R makes sure that “Cosmic” is another record fans and listeners can add to their ever-growing collection of Jae-R Benjamin faves. 

Take a listen to “Cosmic” below.

[Have You Heard] Sy Ari Da Kid ft. J.I.D & Earthgang – ‘New Malcolm X’

[Have You Heard] Sy Ari Da Kid ft. J.I.D & Earthgang – ‘New Malcolm X’

New Malcolm X - Sy Ari Da Kid (Pyramid Atlanta)

As the riots and uproar over the death of Mike Brown continue. Atlanta rapper Sy Ari Da Kid enlists fellow ATLiens J.I.D. and Earthgang to create a beautifully crafted record surrounding the issue with, “New Malcolm X.”

BuddahSPK crafts the production, creating the perfect platform for the artists to lay their bars of social issues, racial issues and bringing forth equality and change as Malcolm X would: “by any necesssary.” 

“Still any means necessary, even if it means getting buried…”

The record not only gives us unique, steady beats, an infectious hook, and effortless talent, but lyrical substance needed in this age of music and social issues. 

Stream and download the record below. 

[Have You Heard] ILLClinton – ‘Alive (Don’t Shoot)’

[Have You Heard] ILLClinton – ‘Alive (Don’t Shoot)’

ILLClinton - Alive (Don't Shoot!) Cover

Following the recent murder of unarmed teen Mike Brown and the issues of racial injustice that has preceded, Atlanta duo ILLClinton has taken their stand on the issue and events by releasing a powerful track, titled “Alive (Don’t Shoot).”

Though the duo recorded the song before the recent happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, but the “unnecessary death in our community made the song necessary to spread awareness.”

This is not just another record. On “Alive (Don’t Shoot),” we hear moving lyrics and all-to-familiar issues over the Blake Belair instrumental that move us to not only verbalize our desire for change, but provoke action. 

Check out the record below. ILLClinton is also offering a free download of “Alive (Don’t Shoot).”

[Have You Heard] LIVETODIEBIG – ‘Gucci’

[Have You Heard] LIVETODIEBIG – ‘Gucci’

LiveToDieBig - Gucci (Pyramid Atlanta)

Not too long ago, we were given the track “Trapwerk” from the rap duo LIVETODIEBIG, and they have already hit us with another one!

Their new track, “Gucci,” was produced by FREE DIESEL. They recorded this song for all the people that love loud, and for all of the people that love lean.

There will be so much more music to come from this group off of their next EP, Rap Gods 2.

Listen and download “Gucci” below.


[Have You Heard] Rob Sole feat. KXRoC – ‘Work’

[Have You Heard] Rob Sole feat. KXRoC – ‘Work’

Rob Sole - Work (Pyramid Atlanta)

Rob Sole just hit us with a new one! He teamed up with KXRoC for their new track, “Work.” This song is a Lucky Number Production and it goes hard!

At the beginning of this song you might think that you are in the middle of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video! The evil laugh that begins this song really draws you in to what the artists are going to say.

This track is all about moving and selling work. Anybody who lives this lifestyle will know exactly how the story goes.
Check out the record below.

[Have You Heard] Will Hill – ‘Never Not’ [Re-Released]

[Have You Heard] Will Hill – ‘Never Not’ [Re-Released]

Will Hill - Never Not (Pyramid Atlanta)

Will Hill has never left us disappointed. Now he has released a song called, “Never Not.”

You may be thinking, “How can you never not do something?” Will is here to let us know how that can be done.

Sky Republic’s L.E.N.O produced this track. It’s no surprise that these two collaborated so well together! Will Hill has added another song to his ever growing collection of great music. 

Check out the sounds of Will Hill in “Never Not” below. If you haven’t checked out his IDLE project yet, do so here.