[Have You Heard] Daylan Gideon – ‘Come Through’

[Have You Heard] Daylan Gideon – ‘Come Through’

Daylan Gideon

Up and coming artist Daylan Gideon, out of Marietta, gave us the mellow record “Spend the Night” weeks ago. Now the artists is back and gives us yet another record to set the mood in “Come Through.”

The Niko-produced record matches the mellow atmosphere of “Spend the Night” while still providing a new look at Daylan’s artistry. 

“Come Through” serves as the first single from his upcoming album, Late Nights | Early Mornings. 

Vibe with “Come Through” below.


[Video] Redcoat – ‘Stop Biting’

[Video] Redcoat – ‘Stop Biting’

Redcoat - Stop Biting (Pyramid Atlanta)

Coming out of Warner Robins, GA, Redcoat-released official video, we all get a taste of what it is like in the dirty south. Kids playing in the frontyard, chicken wings, ribs, Pitt Bulls, and Hennessey on the front porch is nothing new to the scene down south.

The record features Mighty Network on this Skantily Klad-produced this track which asks the world to, “Leave this country sh*t to us!” They are self-proclaiming that nobody can do it like they can.

Even though this video has all the marks of a traditional southern hip-hop music video, it is definitely different! With comets crashing into the house and huge waves of water crashing in over the house, you feel like you are watching a real life cartoon!

The visuals and effort put into this video clearly speaks volumes for itself. Hy3Ya10X did a great job directing this video which keeps your attention the whole time.

Keep an eye out for Redcoat and DJ Black Bill Gates’ full length project AE2!Check out the video below.

[Have You Heard] NicX – ‘Merk’

[Have You Heard] NicX – ‘Merk’

NicX - Merk (PyramidAtlanta)

NicX never disappoints. His music consistently exerts a different energy infused with raw creativity. Now, the rising artist is back with his first single, “Merk,” from his upcoming EP, NicXnation 2.

The rapper teams up with producer Nascent, who lays the production that pairs perfectly with NicX’s energy throughout the record. NicX comes full force andironically “merks” the record.

“Merk” is just the beginning for what we can expect with NicXnation 2,and we CANNOT wait to hear more from this artist and his upcoming EP.

Peep “Merk” below.

[Project] Redlite – ‘JoyxPainxRain’

[Project] Redlite – ‘JoyxPainxRain’

Redlite - JoyxPainxRain (Pyramid Atlanta)

Up and coming Atlanta rapper Redlite has been giving us a peak of his project JoyxPainxRain with records like “Brave New World,” “The Life,” and “Witness.” Now, the artist has released the full-length project for us to indulge.

JoyxPainxRainis a 14-track record filled with creativity and versatility that gives Redlite a brilliant platform to showcase his true artistry. From the introductory “Trench Music” to the concluding track, “Kid Buu,” we see Redlite in a shining light throughout the project.

“The concept of the tape comes from my own personal experiences and those around me that I saw trying to make something of themselves from their artistic endeavors,” Redlite captioned with the tape.

The executive producer of the project is Justin Padron, and we can hear beats from Moteleola, Nessly, DustySilver, WonderWolf, and Leazle throughout. Guest appearances include Olivia Louise, Curtis Striker, Stori Brooks and Brandon Thomas.

Check out the project below.


[Have You Heard] Rob $ole – ‘Houston Tea’

[Have You Heard] Rob $ole – ‘Houston Tea’

Rob Sole - Houston Tea (Pyramid Atlanta)

Lately everybody has been spilling the tea on twitter, but not this “Houston Tea.” Rob $ole has recently released a track with Wes Da Best and Josh Wheels, produced by K Roc.

They give us a taste of that down south Houston music. This track is for everybody sipping slow out of a double cup. “Houston Tea” is off of Rob $ole’s project, Le Soleil, which you should definitely check out.

Keep an eye out for more music from Rob $ole, and check out “Houston Tea” below.


[Have You Heard] Cartier Marc – ‘I’m Out’

[Have You Heard] Cartier Marc – ‘I’m Out’

Cartier Marc - DJ 10k - I'm Out (Pyramid Atlanta)

As we await the July release of producer DJ 10k’s debut project Stay Gold, we have the chance to get a glimpse of his artistry in Cartier Marc’s latest release “I’m Out.”

With 10k’s hard-hitting production, Cartier lays impressive verses as the two work to give us a nice street anthem for the summer with “I’m Out.”

You can hear more of Cartier’s work with his latest project, Opportunity Thief, here. 

Peep the record below, and look out for Stay Gold soon. 

[Have You Heard] Da Kidd Half – ‘PLT’

[Have You Heard] Da Kidd Half – ‘PLT’

Da Kidd Half - PLT (Pyramid Atlanta)

Da Kidd Half has just released “PLT” off of his upcoming album Ea$t Side Cool, which is set to be dropped on July 15.

HQ Jones and Miss Ganja collaborate with Da Kidd on this track produced by EA On The Track.

We all have heard Michael Jackson’s classic, “PYT,” but this track is not exactly talking about a pretty young thing. Da Kidd Half is talking about a “pretty lil thing with the long hair.” Long hair is in style right now, but this song doesn’t forget about the natural girls though!

This twist on the classic song by Michael Jackson is definitely catchy. Keep an eye out for the release of Ea$t Side Cool on July 15.

Check it below. 


[Have You Heard] DNick – ‘Dreamcast Flow 2’

[Have You Heard] DNick – ‘Dreamcast Flow 2’

DNick - Dreamcast Flow 2 (Pyramid Atlanta)

Whether in the form of lyrics or in the form of production under his producer alias Drunken Killah, Atlanta artist DNick of collective NBDMG always delivers brilliant creativity in his music. He gives us another example of his knack for his own uniqueness in his latest release, “Dreamcast Flow 2.”

This record is the successor of DNick’s original, “Dreamcast Flow,” found on his Sixteen and Pointless Rhymes mixtape.

“I decided to do this track as it allowed me to kind of vent a bit,” DNick said.

Listen to “Dreamcast Flow 2” below. 



[Have You Heard] LB Cyphers – ‘The Ghost’

[Have You Heard] LB Cyphers – ‘The Ghost’

LB Cyphers - The Ghost (Pyramid Atlanta)

One out of the many things to love and appreciate about Atlanta music is the artist’s desire to create new sounds or polish the sounds of our great southern rap forefathers. Atlanta rapper LB Cyphers (of the Œ crew) wants to give us a new sound in his latest song, “The Ghost.”

LB, who delivers a solid and consistent flow, teams up with talented producer Will Macfly to successfully execute a “new alternative sound.” 

We cannot wait to hear more from this promising artist. See what we’re talking about with his “The Ghost” record below.

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Free Power’

[Have You Heard] Jae-R Benjamin – ‘Free Power’

Jae-R Benjamin - Free Power (Pyramid Atlanta)

After giving us good vibes and organic sounds last month with his Earth project, Jae-R Benjamin is back with new music from his upcoming mixtape.

The powerful self-produced record, called “Free Power,” not only showcases Jae-R’s talent but his tenacity and versatility as a rising artist. 

Jae-R makes sure to incorporate his signature flow in the record, which will both catch the attention of new listeners and be appreciated by his growing fan base.

“Free Power” is one of many releases to come from Jae-R Benjamin and his upcoming mixtape. Listen below.