[Video] Drunken Killah – ‘Juice/Shake’

[Video] Drunken Killah – ‘Juice/Shake’

Drunken Killah - Juice/Shake Pyramid Atlanta

Talented producer Drunken Killah illustrates his “Juice/Shake” creation with a visual release. The trippy visual perfectly accompanies the sound and the feel of “Juice/Shake.”

Each beat and transition in the instrumental is visually illustrated by colorful images in the video. The video is truly a journey through images and beats. 

Check it out below. 

[Video] Money Makin Nique – ‘My Woman’

[Video] Money Makin Nique – ‘My Woman’

Money Makin Nique - My Woman Pyramid Atlanta bawse kitty Guyana Gold

Money Makin Nique teams up with Rich Espy to illustrate a cinematic visual for “My Woman,” a track from his Guyana Gold project.

The record already has a smooth vibe with the production and Nique’s cool verses as he tells us how he likes come home to his woman after a long day of hustling.

“Walking in the house, I tell my b**** to get naked. ‘Cause I been out hustling and they got my back aching.”

In the visual, we see the leading lady from his previous “Standing On The Couch” video, Bawse Kitty, come home and relax while she waits for Nique to arrive. Her vibe is cool and sexy as she sparks up and waits for her man. 

Peep the visual below, and vibe to the rest of Guyana Gold here. 

[Video] Retro Phresh – ‘ODB Forever’

[Video] Retro Phresh – ‘ODB Forever’

retro phresh pyramid Atlanta

We’re getting closer to the release date for Retro Phresh’s upcoming EP RP4EVA. Just before the release, the rapper blesses us with the very first visual from the project.

The laid-back visual, shot and directed by Kivenchy Documents, is the music video for the project’s introductory record “ODB Forever,” which has a cool sound produced by Emitt Breezy

In the visual, we see Retro and his crew with a beautiful night view of Atlanta in the background (with major shots of Atlanta eatery landmark The Varsity).

Peep the video below, and be on the look out for RP4EVA!

[Video] Tommy Swisher – ‘Drunk in Atlanta’

[Video] Tommy Swisher – ‘Drunk in Atlanta’

Tommy Swisher Pyramid Atlanta Drunk in Atlanta

The video is finally here!

Up and coming Atlanta rapper Tommy Swisher is heating up the city with his visual for his intoxicating E. Wonder-produced hit, ‘Drunk in Atlanta.”

The visual, shot by Jus Dre, begins with a cool, seemingly morning scene with Tommy before proceeding to the rest of the colorful production. Lights and editing are major elements in the video, which effectively portray a drunk night in Atlanta.

Tommy’s video has a jazzy vibe that overall captures the essence of the song.

Peep the video below, and continue to support Tommy Swisher!


[Video] Miles Stone – ‘Robbery’ feat. Messiah The Rapper & Charlise J

[Video] Miles Stone – ‘Robbery’ feat. Messiah The Rapper & Charlise J

Miles Stone Charlise J Messiah The Rapper Robbery Pyramid Atlanta

Miles Stone graces us with the visual for his phenomenal Case Boogie-produced hit, “Roberry,” featuring Messiah The Rapper of Southern Playas and songstress Charlise J.

The visual, from 8690 Productions, creates suspense from the time we see Miles and Messiah riding around in a blue Mustang and only increases throughout the storytelling scenes.

You think you know what happens, until you watch the very ending. The visual, like the record, speaks volumes to motives and true intentions of those around you. 

“Robbery” comes from MIles’s upcoming project, entitled Hard Liquor, due this year. The visual is a must-see. Check it out below. 

[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

Lonny X Wednesday Pyramid Atlanta

Photo Courtesy of ILLZED ® SOUND

Lonny X has released the visuals for his single,” Wednesday.” The video is so intimate and honest, you can’t help but love it. There is so much contrast between the edgy hip hop and the classic art in the museum.

The ever-present animations also add a dimension to this video that is not present in other music videos. Animation speaks so much to the creativity of the artist.

The scenes change but the flow stays the same. We follow Lonny X around through some really intimate settings and it all ends up with a passerby on the street telling him that he seems to be a strong black man.

That speaks volumes for him. It’s amazing that someone who is just in your life for a few seconds can realize what type of person that you are. Bleek G produced a really great track.

“Wednesday” comes from Lonny’s upcoming release, Ungrateful EP. To see this truly creative video, watch it below. 

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

Pyramid Atlanta Crem de la Crem

Crem de la Crem gives us one of the hottest new music videos of the new year with their “Str8 Like That” visual.  The quality is great; the music is popping and so are the bottles.

It’s no question that rap trio, Crem de la Crem, knows how to party with the release of their single, “Str8 Like That.” The video opens with the trio sitting in the house bored when they get an unexpected phone call that leads them to a really dope party.

Producer Tony Fadd and director KD Gray both helped to create a really fun and exciting music video for the record. 

The Atlanta trio takes a West Coast vibe and truly make it their own with a dope party scene for us to enjoy. Watch the party for yourself below. 

[EP Trailer] Tanner Rowan – ‘The Winter EP’

[EP Trailer] Tanner Rowan – ‘The Winter EP’

Tanner Rowan - The Winter EP Pyramid Atlanta

Up and coming rapper and producer Tanner Rowan is releasing his first body of work, called The Winter EP, on January 23. He gives us a tease of the project with a short trailer. 

The trailer is simple with two guys walking around with an instrumental in the background. It doesn’t reveal much, but is intriguing. I’m definitely ready to see what Tanner offers with his debut EP. No pressure. 

I did find a freestyle on his SoundCloud that is pretty dope. If you’re curious after watching the trailer, click the link and check out his artistry. Let’s see what Tanner Rowan has in store on January 23. 

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/116974821″>Tanner Rowan – Winter Ep Preview</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/sovtap”>Sovannarith Tap</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


[Video] DNick – ‘Ellipsis’

[Video] DNick – ‘Ellipsis’

DNick - Ellipsis Pyramid Atlanta

Lawrenceville native DNick has released a video for his track called “Ellipsis.” The song can be found off of his project, Lost in Translation.

The video begins with DNick sitting in a chair outside delivering his song face to face with all of his viewers. It is always very distinctive when an artist looks directly into the camera and communicates the message they are trying to get across.

The visuals for this shoot were captured and edited by Meechh. Some of DNick’s music may be familiar to your ear, so make sure you see the man behind the music in this new music video.

Check the video below.

[Video] J. Nolan – ‘Building Utopia’

[Video] J. Nolan – ‘Building Utopia’


J. Nolan always delivers the best when he drops a new track for the world to hear. This time around, he has released visuals for his song, “Building Utopia.” The song, produced by Reese Jones, is brought to life by this video. Lyrics discretely appear on the screen which helps the words resonate in your mind.

The visual effects for this video are very nice and fitting for the mood of this track. The scene at the lake is awesome for the mood already set by the song. The outfits are retro, and the performance J. Nolan gives makes you want to the whole entire video time and time again.

This song is one off of his upcoming LP entitled, The Humble Legends. Be expecting this project to drop on January 12 of the new upcoming year. Listeners are able to pre-order the LP and get 2 songs now and receive the whole entire LP on the released date.