Fashion infused into art: It’s a Daye thing

Fashion infused into art: It’s a Daye thing

Kendrick Daye Pyramid Atlanta wearable art

Kendrick Daye is an artist like no other. He creates bright, timeless pieces that exude aesthetic originality. The artist has now transformed some of his art pieces into a new medium for fans and art lovers to enjoy and admire his work.

Daye’s latest venture is a brand called Wearable Art by Kendrick Daye, which features apparel based on a few of his favorite art creations over the years.

Yes, art literally on your back!

His first release from Wearable Art is the Designer Pop piece which features Daye’s Versonce’ piece on the front of the shirt and his Jayvenchy piece on the back. 

From the artist: “So this Versonce + Jayvenchy, designer POP—make them touch iconic. It’s dressed to impress the icon upon you. That’s what stardom is…that’s what this is. This is the word manifest. Know thy selfie, you don’t know it until you wear it.”

Designer Pop, along with several other art pieces, is available for purchase on Kendrick Daye’s website.


Steez Fiendz spreads love with upcoming collection release

Steez Fiendz spreads love with upcoming collection release


Valentine’s Day is approaching, and love is most definitely in the air. One of Atlanta’s hottest urban brands, Steez Fiendz, has caught the love bug with their upcoming seasonal collection release, called The 2015 SpreadLove Collection. 

With the collection, inspired by Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, the brand aims to create a “clear cut collaborative between the two as well as mixing the old (designs) with the new,” Ray Anderson and Erick Gaylord, the creators of Steez Fiendz, said. 

The brand is teaming up with City of Ink to provide an exclusive showcase for the new collection at a pop-up event on February 7. The night will include the collection’s release, art displays, good food, live tattoos, and tunes by NOAHXZARK.

“We want people to feel a sense of enjoyment when they see the new collection,” the creators said. “It has been produced in exclusive numbers therefore we want you to feel special when you make your purchase. As if it were a collectors item or an original piece of art!”

The idea of SpreadLove came from Ray and Erick wanting to create an event for people amongst the indie scene to come, vibe, spread love, and enjoy each other as the brand continues to grow. 

Check out the event flyer below, and definitely come out to support these positive guys!

Steez Fiendz Pyramid Atlanta


Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)Wisdom ATL has released a line for their Winter 2014 collection.  When you think of wisdom, the first thing that comes to mind is old age. Wisdom ATL is here to completely change our mindset of what it means to have wisdom. Wisdom ATL is showing that as a young generation, we can also exude wisdom. Wisdom is gaining knowledge through experience, being conscious & aware of oneself, and knowing your true potential.

Within this line there are hoodies and t-shirts that showcase sophisticated simplicity. On today’s fashion scene we are so overwhelmed with so many words and colors. Wisdom ATL gives us a pleasant break from all of that with black and white winter gear that showcase the brand in a very fashionable way.

Cop your hoodie or t-shirt on their site today to keep you warm until the Spring/Summer 2015 line drops!

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)


[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

[Behind The Seams] Horus Brand Clothing

DSC_2289When you think of Egypt, you probably think of gold and Cleopatra. You are correct in thinking of those things, but Horus Brand Clothing has brought an Egyptian flare to modern times. The symbol that represents the brand is the eye of Horus. This symbol represents health, power, and protection; Horus was the god of the sky and ruler of ancient Egypt.

This brand wants to empower the youth of today through the clothes that they wear. When wearing this line of clothing, the customer should feel like keeping their “mind and body healthy” while being “ambitious and influential to those around you.”

Horus Brand Clothing has a great selection of items for both the ladies and the gentlemen. There are hoodies, t-shirts, necklaces, long sleeved shirts, beanies, and even bucket hats available.

DSC_2301The one item that really caught my eye was the “Dwayne Wayne” flip-top shades. If you don’t have an idea what these look like, just think back to any episode of A Different World. Dwayne was always trying to get a good look at Whitley by flipping up his glasses. The glasses are so fun and could start many interesting conversations. These shades are not an item that you will see any person wearing on the streets.

Make sure you visit the website to order your first item of Horus Brand Clothing.

Behind the Seams: Pop-Up Shops in Atlanta leaving their mark

Behind the Seams: Pop-Up Shops in Atlanta leaving their mark

Downtown Atlanta, the location for Georgia State University, Underground Atlanta, the Fourth Ward, the new Streetcars that will begin its operation soon, and…pop-up shops!

The Downtown Pop-Up Retail Program started because of the Central Atlanta Progress (Atlanta Downtown Improvement Districts) push for economic development Downtown. All along the streetcar rail path are pop-up shops that people riding the streetcars or just strolling around Downtown Atlanta can visit. 

The current pop-up shops in Downtown Atlanta are unique and range from furniture, printing services, and bike tours.

Two of the pop-up stores that are apart of this program and have fashion in mind are located side-by-side on Auburn Avenue called, Sock Fancy and The Byrd’s Box. 

Photo Credit:  Sarai Thompson

Photo Credit: Sarai Thompson

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy started online more than a year by University of Georgia Alumni Stefan Lewinger and Georgia State University Alumni Futhum Tewolde.

This store is based online with people that can subscribe to receive a new pair of socks each month.  It’s just like subscribing to Sports Illustrated or XXL. However, the unique thing about Sock Fancy is that you can pick your size and how long you want your subscription to last. You can even have a sock subscription in bulk for your entire crew.

However, now is your chance to buy some in-store socks and get a feel of what Sock Fancy has to offer. If you like what you see, you can use one of the computers available to use in the store and subscribe.

Student discounts?  Of course! All Georgia college students, faculty, and staff get a 10 percent discount. 

The Byrd’s Box

Photo Credit:  Sarai Thompson

Photo Credit: Sarai Thompson

This store was made in honor of storeowner A.C. Smallwood mother Robyn (hence the name…The Byrd’s Box).

“My mum was a jewelry designer and she passed away a year ago. We had always talked about opening up a shop together and so when she got sick and passed away I used my inheritance to start the shop.”

Each item at The Byrd’s Box is special and one of it’s kind. Each time you visit The Byrd’s Box the items that you see are completely different. Once an item in the store is gone, it is replaced with another completely different item.

The Byrd’s Box also offers a 10 percent student discount!

Both of these stores will only be around until September so you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. Upgrade your wardrobe and have some fun exploring Downtown Atlanta!

Behind The Seams: Madnes$ Apparel

Behind The Seams:  Madnes$ Apparel

Photography by Kilo

Photography by Kilo

Everyone claims they are coming out with a line, but who is really making it happen? Madnes$ Apparel just wrapped up a shoot, and from the looks of it, they are out to make a statement.

Creator Myguel Roberson launched the line on August 13 of last year. He believes the creativity that goes into the placement and development of his designs makes his brand innovative, and gives it something other brands are lacking.

“I really value my customers, so I try to give them an experience they’ve never had with a street brand,” Roberson said.

The magic begins with an idea, Roberson then has an artist transcribe his madness onto paper and the rest is history.

Pieces include long sleeve shirts and hoodies, but won’t stop there. Roberson plans on bringing in the spring with custom white tees, spider black tie-dye long sleeve shirts displaying his logo, and custom champion shorts.

Why is Madnes$ Apparel different? It’s the inspiration behind it. When Roberson was going through a tough time, rather than turning to negative outlets, he chose


“I decided to create, to turn the anger and frustration I was feeling into something creative and positive,” Roberson said.

Photography by Kilo

Photography by Kilo

The brand embodies the power to create and turn nothing into something. Roberson takes everything going wrong in his life and turns it into a right by creating something unlike anyone has ever seen before.

“I take all the stress, chaos, and madness going on in my life and channel that into something positive, creative, and inspiring,” Roberson said.

Roberson has been designing clothes for two years now. He says seeing his designs emulated on t-shirts and his passion for street brand clothing keep him motivated and wanting his brand to get the attention it deserves.

The purpose of the brand is to arouse the creative mind. With his line, Roberson hopes to spread the madness of creativity and show people a positive way to deal with the chaos in their lives.

Be on the look out for Madnes$ Apparel. With a website in the making, they’re definitely on the rise.


Behind The Seams: Creed Co Apparel

Behind The Seams: Creed Co Apparel

Tyshawn Smith

A synonym for the word creed is faith. Creator of Creed Co., Tyshawn Smith, has taken this and created a faith-based brand centered around the positivity of nature. The primarily unisex line consist of diverse tees, outerwear, and bottoms. 

The brand started on a whim, in high school Smith and a group of his friends called themselves Creed.

 “As time passed we became fascinated with the idea of fashion and I pushed it into reality,” Smith said.

Still an infant, the brand started July 13, 2013, and each season a small collection is released highlighting the subject or theme of that season. When selecting a theme, Smith says his inspiration stems from his life experiences, “anything from art I see on a wall to what’s taught in the class room, I take it and mold it into something that can be related to.”

The brand does not yet have a logo, but a bold and clear letter face spelling out “Creed” can be seen on each design. According to Smith, the letter face we see today was completely unintentional, he attempted several different letter faces without success before developing the design we see today.

“I was beginning to call it quits,” Smith said. “My girlfriend made a few suggestions which gave birth to the image which is now seen as ‘Creed Co.‘”

Though Smith controls the pieces released and creates all of the brand designs, he is not a one-man army. Business partners Arviel Jenkins, Mar’quese Hudson, and Daviear Brewster fund and help the brand gain exposure through media outlets and trade shows. 

Photography by Quincy Huston

Photography by Quincy Huston


Creed Co. is about embracing and promoting faith and the role it plays in how people operate in their daily lives. Smith says the purpose of the brand “is to create fashionable products no matter the context of that faith.”

He believes the pure substance and originality of his brand sets it apart from other up and coming brands in Atlanta.

“Nowadays we see a lot of brands bite off the hype of other popular brands, we strive to be different and to bring forth meaningful products,”he said.

Check out their Video LookBook below, and all interested in purchasing clothing from Creed Co can find their products on their website. 

Behind the seams: Steez The Fiendz University

Behind the seams: Steez The Fiendz University

Ray Anderson (in front) and  Erick Gaylord (behind) are the creators of "Steez The Fiendz University." - Photo by Raven Schley

Ray Anderson (in front) and Erick Gaylord (behind) are the creators of “Steez The Fiendz University.”
– Photo by Raven Schley

“Steezing” is an organic occurrence that stems from doing, or creating something that you love and that is uniquely you. At least this is how Ray Anderson, one of the creators of the “Steez Fiend” brand, would describe it.

Anderson, who came dressed in camouflage pants, a grey sweater that he put on over a blue button up shirt and a black and blue pinstriped hat that read “1989,” recalled that the thought process behind the word “steez” wasn’t strenuous. It just fell in place with their acronym “Style with Ease.”

“It was a lifestyle that we’ve been living,” Anderson said. “People that are into fashion, or into any type of culture, or any type of style and that’s what you live by, you’re a steez fiend.”

Up until this moment, Anderson’s partner, Erick Gaylord, had been relaxing in his chair and carefully listening to Anderson’s description of the word “Steez.” However, as Gaylord reminisced on a memory between a younger version of himself and Anderson, he broke his silence.

“It kind of just meshed together. Day one when I met [Ray], we met through baseball. So it was kind of just like…wow. He’s styling. He’s steezing. He does it naturally,” Gaylord said.

The “Steez Fiend” clothing line is about encouraging people to be themselves and to indulge in the

Photo by Raven Schley

Photo by Raven Schley

things that they love to do. Anderson and Gaylord help spread this message by incorporating their OG logo into all of their pieces.

Whether it be shirts, hoodies or hats, the circular crest embroidered with the words “Steez The Fiend’s University” and a pile of dope can be found on each item. According to Gaylord, the visual of the dope in the center of the logo is not an advocacy for drugs. Instead it is a metaphor for whatever it is that people are into.

“Steez fiend is not just fashion,” Gaylord said. “It’s fashion, art, music and whatever you think is dope.”

The thing that sets the “Steez Fiend” brand apart from other lines is that they try to tailor their products to different types of individuals. They have also conceptualized their brand into the idea of a university.

“Anyone of any sort, age , color, demographic can come and be themselves- express their style,” Anderson said. “There’s nothing that’s forced about it. There’s no due dates, or specific classes. You come and indulge in what you want.”

Anyone who is interested in purchasing clothing from Steez U. can find all of their stuff at Become a part of the university.



Behind the Seams: OMNIPRESENT™ by Jeffery Joseph

Behind the Seams: OMNIPRESENT™ by Jeffery Joseph

Decatur native Jeffery Joseph shows off his Atlanta roots in his first printed tee, the Decatur Tee, from his OMNIPRESENT™ line. thedecaturtee

“What made me desire to design a tee depicting the city of Decatur is me wanting to capture the environment of the city and pay tribute and homage to my hometown in a way where I can best express myself, which for me is through fashion and art,” Joseph said. 

The ambitious Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur student founded the line and works as the CEO, designer and Creative Director of OMNIPRESENT™.

His passions spark from the city of Atlanta to graffiti and streetwear, which are all shown through his designs. 

“I am often inspired by everything I see and hear around me,” Joseph said. 

The designer names Steve Jobs,  Kanye West, Ian Connor, IVirgil Abloh, Heron Preston , Pharrell Williams, Nigo of BAPE, Riccardo Tisci, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang and Raf Simmons as those who greatly influence him.

The Decatur Tee is available here. 

Check out more of Joseph’s designs for OMNIPRESENT™ here, and like the clothing line on Facebook.

Behind the Seams: The RAD! Shop Boutique

Behind the Seams: The RAD! Shop Boutique 

Ladies, we all love the divine fashions and styles of a boutique, but despise those ridiculous boutique prices. 

Thankfully, The RAD! Shop Boutique has come to the rescue, providing great fashion without the lavish prices. 

Although The RAD! Shop just launched in June, “it is a concept that was in the works for about a year and a half,” stylist and fashion/lifestyle blogger Rene Alise said. 

Alise’s online boutique consists of the hottest trends in shoes, tops, dresses, accessories, skirts and swimwear.


The Bad Gal Skirt, $18,

My personal favorite is the Bad Gal Skirt, priced at $18. This  skirt allows you to look classy while showing off your curves, perfect for date night or a night on the town with your girls. 

“I wanted to create a place for girls who were into fashion but did not want to spend a ton of money on clothing,” Alise said. “I provide affordable, but chic clothing, accessories, and shoes.”

Alise is currently working to develop an upcoming collection with her own designs called, RAD! for Rene Alise Designs.

Visit the RAD! Shop Boutique , follow Rene Alise and the RAD! Shop Boutique on Twitter.

For all inquiries, email