A.P.O.LL.O. Clothing and NAJEE ALIVE Team Up For A.P.O.LL.O. ALIVE 2014 Collection

A.P.O.LL.O. Clothing and NAJEE ALIVE Team Up For A.P.O.LL.O. ALIVE 2014 Collection

A.P.O.LL.O. Clothing and NAJEE ALIVE Team Up For A.P.O.LL.O. ALIVE 2014 Collection (Pyramid Atlanta)

A.P.O.LL.O Clothing (And.People.Only.LoseLove.Once™) and NAJEE ALIVE have come together to create an exclusive fall collection, called “A.P.O.LL.O. ALIVE 2014.”

The creative collection consists of custom-made apparel, visuals, paintings, sculptures and more dope artistic pieces. 

“This special line of art is sure to spread amazing vibrations throughout the Western, Eastern, Southern, and Northern hemispheres of the world.”

The collectives give us a first taste of the new collection with a vibrant and trippy promotional visual created by NAJEE ALIVE and RickyVEVO. 

Check out the art visual below. Love the song you hear in the video? The song featured is NAJEE ALIVE’s “Pixiedust.”

[Have You Heard] Eli Saf ft. Ohhpe – ‘Phone Calls’

[Have You Heard] Eli Saf ft. Ohhpe – ‘Phone Calls’

Eli Saf ft. Ohhpe - Phone Calls (Pyramid Atlanta)

Eli Saf follows his summer success of reaching 10,000 plays on his first RESPECT Magazine premiered release with his new and expressive release, “Phone Calls.”

The record begins with a dialogue of Martin Lawrence confessing his love to Gina from everyone’s favorite throwback sitcom, “Martin.” After setting the tone with its familiarity of the couple’s love and devotion to one another, Eli comes on the track and lays down his expressions of a late night phone call from an ex.

Eli is not alone on the record. We hear Ohhpe’s expressions on the record’s hook. Both artists prosper as they convey their authentic feelings. 

Late night phone calls, whether drunk or sober, are all to familiar to almost anyone, so the record is undeniably relatable. 

See for yourself below. 


The Gallery: Meet Lindsey Watters

The Gallery: Meet Lindsey Watterslindsey

Some of the most criticized college students are those who aren’t majoring in business or law. If you are studying anything within the arts people say you aren’t going to get a job! Luckily those are just words and do not mean absolutely anything.

Lindsey Watters is an art student at Georgia State University who can disprove that myth any day. As a sophomore she is already extremely successful.

Lindsey got her start at Clayton County Fine Arts Magnet High School where she discovered her niche in painting. Painting was not always her passion though, she first began with drawing. After getting into her magnet high school she was able to experiment with different materials which led her to discover her talent of painting.

After practicing and perfecting her craft of painting, Lindsey decided to start entering art shows. Her hard work was acknowledged and turned into a victory. She entered her work into the Congressional Art Competition and won 1st place! Not only did she have bragging rights, her artwork went to the White House in Washington, D.C!lindsey2

With all of her current success I was curious as to what she planned to do ultimately with her career. She wants to be a college art professor; such a tremendous way to give back to youth. Before she ends up being a college professor she wants to teach high school art classes while working on her master of fine arts degree with a concentration in painting.

She exuded such confidence about her future. I wondered what made her artwork different from other artists.

Without hesitation she answered, “I have a fearless attitude towards painting. I’m never afraid to try different styles.”

Lindsey’s drive is inspired by the great artist Chuck Close; but her drive is fostered by her family.

“They always encourage me and model for me when I need them too!”

With the support of her family and the GA State University community, Lindsey can go down in the art history books that she will be teaching out of. If you want to view more of her artwork feel free to look her up on Facebook: Lindsey Watters.



A Poem by Darryl Holiday

Maybe if I stand still, you’ll stand with me.
Maybe if I press pause, you’ll stop trying to rewind me,
Because Im remembering our dreams, While you are dreaming of our memories,
And all the things that made us more than friends are now making us enemies,
Maybe if I pretend to be, Whatever you want from me,
We will be able to continue on with our destinys,
Maybe… Or maybe not. Because I’ve given you all I have and your still reaching for more,
I’m journeying to our happily ever after, And your backtracking to what we were before,
Maybe our love for love ain’t love no more,
Cause lately, I’ve tried and I’ve failed.
What I thought was heaven has turned to hell,
What was once freedom is now my jail,
When did it become so hard to tell That we fell..
But Maybe we can get up,
Or Maybe not.
Maybe we should stop, Or maybe we should start over,
Maybe if we’re lucky love can be our four leaf clover,
Maybe we can use all the reasons for us to give up..to keep going,
Speed up this love that’s steadily slowing,
Maybe we have time to fix this,
Maybe we can stay together.
Maybe we have forever..

Darryl is one of our dope music writers who happens to be a talented poetic lyricist and creates poetry on his blog. Check out more of his work on his blogwordplayatl.wordpress.com. 



A Poem By Darryl Holiday 

Sparks fly but sparks always fade away,
So i’ll set this love on fire,
And we’ll enjoy the fireworks everyday,
Real love is eternal so in this blissful inferno I’m destined to stay,
My hearts never been struck by fire and managed not to burn,
I’ve never seen an angel covered in flames and managed not to turn,
Until I met you,
Loves fireworks have my heart immersed,
And I hope it’s done the same to you,
Don’t be scared to fall in love again because I’m falling with you,
Lets just strap in and hold hands as we lay back and enjoy the view,
Sky high falling through the skies the fireworks bursting as we pass by,
I’m happiest when it’s just us two,
And I never want to enjoy this show with another if its not you,
My heart and soul will never set ablaze for another like it does for you,
Sparks fly but sparks always fade away,
But fireworks are eternal,
So eternally in love lets stay.

Darryl is one of our dope music writers who happens to be a talented poetic lyricist and creates poetry on his blog. Check out more of his work on his blog, wordplayatl.wordpress.com. 

The Gallery: Meet Deekay

MeThe Gallery: Meet Deekay

DeeKay is the owner/operator of HuliganWorkz. He started out rapping and creating music until he decided to expand his creative and artistic abilities beyond making music.

“I try to expose you to all the things that I experience. HuliganWorkz is about capturing the moment, from snapshots to short films.  I want to share those epic events, unforgettable parties, and breathtaking moments with you. View life in HD through MY lens!” says Deekay.

Photo taken by Deekay at the FreeMilk Event
DeeKay put his filming and photography skills to the test about a year ago when he just picked up a camera and started to take pictures with it. Overtime, HuliganWorkz is slowly becoming a household name. From doing behind the scenes film work for Majestik Gold’s single Wait for it, as well as the BeRoyal Clothing Line Teaser Video (which you can view by clicking on the link shortcuts).
Photo by Deekay at Pink Lemonade Event
Be on the look out for DeeKay as well as the Huligan family and be sure to work with him on your next film or shoot!

The Gallery: Meet Kitonya McCoy & Her Company, Dance Time Inc.

The Gallery: Meet KiTonya McCoy & Her Company,

Dance Time Inc.

198950_447580385332477_1349338309_nKiTonya McCoy attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia where she was a member of both the Bubbin’ Brown Sugar and Ecstasy dance teams. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s degree in Instruction, and a Specialist degree in Leadership. She currently works for the Newton County School System as a gifted teacher.

Her love for dance and vision for young people has allowed her to extend her talents far beyond the classroom. In October 2004, she started her own company, the Performing Arts Center for Education, Inc. (PACE). Its mission is to provide instruction to individuals in all genres of dance and the arts. During the 2006-2007 school year, she lead the first Wynbrooke Beta dance team to a state championship title as well as a second place trophy at the National Beta Competition in Nashville, TN.

Ms. McCoy’s dance experience also includes membership with the Georgia Force Arena Football Cheerleaders, the Resurrection Dance Ministry, and the Amazing Grace Liturgical Dancers. She has done choreography for Dawn Causey’s Danciquette Program, the West Newton Elegant Emeralds, the Miss Black Newton County Pageant, and for various schools in the Atlanta area. Ms. McCoy’s gift of dance has allowed her the opportunity to perform in front of crowds by the thousands and in a variety of cities including New Orleans, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. It is her belief, that dance can provide a window of opportunity for those who embrace it.

We asked Ms. McCoy some questions about her dance company, Dance Time Inc. Below are her answers!

1. When was Dance Time Inc. founded?

“Dance Time Inc. was founded February 28, 2012. I wanted to develop a company that helps students not only become well rounded dancers, but one that would open avenues for modeling, public speaking, scholarships, leadership, and social skills that will help with future development.”

1013121_471810702909445_995110942_n2. What type of girls would you like to join?

“We are looking for girls ages 6-18 who have a love for dance and the desire to learn. We offer training in jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop dance. We have a performance team (Dance Time Gems), a Semi-competitive Team (Dance Time Crystals), and a Full Competitive Team (Blue Sapphires). There’s something for everyone.

Wednesdays 5:00-5:30 Stretching and basic technique class

Thursday 5:30-6:30 Beg/Inter Combo Class Ages 11 & older

Thursday 6:30-7:30 Beg/Inter Combo Class Ages 6-10″

3. What are rehearsals like? Do you focus on technique/choreography?

“Rehearsals at Dance Time are fun but focused. The dancers know what their objective is and what needs to be done to reach that objective so they practice hard. However, we do make time for a few laughs and jokes here and there. In addition, we believe in rewarding our students for their diligence, so we give out rewards to outstanding students every class period. We focus on both technique and choreography in class because both elements go hand and hand.”

4. Explain the feeling you get from teaching and winning competitions.

“There’s something about seeing my work on stage that makes me bubbly inside. Sometimes I’m amazed at what I’ve created. I teach all of my choreography on the spot as it comes to me. I never right down dance steps or moves so when I sit back and look at a completed dance, I’m usually in “Ah”. Last year I was awarded the Choreography Award at the Showbiz Dance Competition. That was a great feeling. I love teaching dance because when I dance my spirit comes alive. It’s an opportunity for share my emotions in an artistic manner.”

1174605_494547937302388_1511167560_n5. What has been one of your most valued moments with your girls?

“My most valued moment was on our annual retreat. We took the girls to the Calvin Center in Hampton, GA. There they had a chance to bond and develop a sense of team work. We did team building activities, went swimming, had all night dance parties etc. The girls picked a theme and decorated their bedrooms based on their theme. It was a great experience because the girls and the parents were able to learn things about each other as well as learn new things about themselves. The retreat was something that I envisioned a while ago and to actually see it become a reality made me speechless.”

6. What is your company’s mission?

“Dance Time opens avenues for modeling, public speaking, scholarships, leadership, and social skills that will help with future development. Our mission is to provide young girls with the opportunity to develop integrity, positive self-awareness, and discipline through dance instruction and competition.”

7. What is your personal goal as an instructor?

“My goal is for the students to have a sense of ownership in their dancing. I want them to understand that whatever they put into developing this talent, that’s what they will get in return. Through dance I want them to gain discipline, poise, and confidence. If we happen to have a winning competitive season in the process, I would be excited about that as well. Lol!”

To contact KiTonya, call Dance Time: (404) 855-6657 or e-mail her: Email- dance_time_inc@yahoo.com

Check out their sites below for more info!

YouTube Channel- DanceTime1

Facebook- Dance TimeInc1


Official Website- http://dancetimeinc.com

Check out the Blue Sapphires dancing to ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ by Ron Pope below!

Have You Heard: MeLo-X’s ‘Finer Things?’

Have You Heard: MeLo-X’s ‘Finer Things?’


MeLo-X, a musician from East Flatbush, has collaborated with vocalist Elle Pierre and producer Sango to create his new single, “Finer Things.” 

Be on the look out for this artist, as well as the release of his upcoming EP, GOD: WiFi, next month. 

Listen to “Finer Things” below:

The Gallery: Meet Rachel White ‘Raye Blanco’

The Gallery: Meet Rachel White ‘Raye Blanco’


Officially, my name is Rachel White but I go by Raye Blanco. I decided to start doing photography when I was in high school, but it was only after I graduated that I discovered that I really wanted to further my skills in life. I came up with “Love, Blanco,” my photography label name, because I believe I am a very unique and authentic person, with a mind set that is not like anyone else’s. I want people to not only work with me, but I also want them to love me as well.


Why Me?

It is easy to take a      photo and say you are a photographer, but what makes a true photographer is sight and vision. The way I see and understand things stands out in the photos I shoot. Not everyone is a model, but I have effectively proven that I have the creativity to surely make you look like one without you actually being one. I aim to give your spectators a good look at who you are with just one “Bang” or snap of my lens.


Check out some of her work:  www.loveblanceaux.webs.com

For Booking, send me an e-mail: raye.blanco@yahoo.com

The Gallery: Meet Timothy Short

The Gallery: Meet Timothy Short

This particular artist is a good friend of mine and his work NEVER seizes to imagejpeg_2_18-1amaze me.

20 Year old Timothy Short (“Tim” for short, pun not intended) is currently a Junior at Georgia State University. This Visual Arts and Design Major, African American Studies Minor, started painting about three years ago during his 12th Grade year in high school. “My art is mostly influenced by hip hop and jazz music,” says Tim as one of his favorite groups, Tribe Called Quest plays in the background.


Family Portrait, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas

“This painting is a family portrait of a daughter, mother, and aunt with an ‘afro-futuristic’ theme,” Short states.


Sunwalkers, 2013, Acrylic on Canvas

“This painting is about a decision between positive, collective thinking as portrayed by the people walking toward the sun, versus negative, self-centered individualism as shown by the character on the left being swallowed into the lone gateway,” says Short.

Tim’s deep thoughts and perspectives are evident throughout all of his artwork. This humble student continues to evoke emotion from his viewers as he intrigues and impels us to view the world in another light.

For more information about Tim and his art find him on Facebook under the name “Tim Short” or send him an e-mail: trshort93@gmail.com