[Have You Heard] J-Coop- Iceberg Slim

After the first line of Iceberg Slim, you can hear the makings of a classic southern song. J-Coop has taken us back to how things used to be down south with his new single, Iceberg Slim featuring Rod McCoy and Barnabas Shane. This song produced by J. Good was created to pay homage to the “late great, money makin’, Cadillac pimpin” Iceberg Slim.
This song is really smooth and sounds like it could be featured on the “ATL 2” movie soundtrack…if they were to ever make one. The feel is right, anybody from the dirty south will testify that this song is a classis. Great work from up and coming artists.
Listen to this song and see for yourself on Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/dagreatcoop/iceberg-slim
Follow the artists on social media: J-Coop (@DaGreatCoop), Rod (@AHEceo), Barnabas (@BarnabasShane), J. Good (@Str8OutDaDen)

[Have You Heard] Chynna- Glen Coco (Gianni Lee RMX)

You never really hear a sound quite like this. The Glen Coco mix you are going to hear is really mind blowing. A mix like this does not exist on the indie scene right now.
Philadelphia rapper Chynna called on Gianni Lee to help her reinvent her song Glen Coco. Gianni felt as if the song was so great that it didn’t need to be messed with but then was quoted saying, “When Chynna reached out to me to remix her Glen Coco track I didn’t even think it needed to be touched. With that in mind my entire approach shifted. I wanted to take Glen Coco to the festivals while still remaining true to our city.”
You can tell when artists are supportive of each other because you get great musical products like this song. It is so fun, hard hitting, exciting, different and has so many levels. You can sit with the song on repeat and find new interests in the song every single time.
To hear this artistry mix for yourself, listen to it on Sound Cloud here: https://soundcloud.com/giannilee1/chynna-glen-coco-gianni-lee-remix/s-aU3Ch

Keep us with the artists on their social media: @GianniLee @MadeinChynna

[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

[Video] Lonny X – ‘Wednesday’

Lonny X Wednesday Pyramid Atlanta

Photo Courtesy of ILLZED ® SOUND

Lonny X has released the visuals for his single,” Wednesday.” The video is so intimate and honest, you can’t help but love it. There is so much contrast between the edgy hip hop and the classic art in the museum.

The ever-present animations also add a dimension to this video that is not present in other music videos. Animation speaks so much to the creativity of the artist.

The scenes change but the flow stays the same. We follow Lonny X around through some really intimate settings and it all ends up with a passerby on the street telling him that he seems to be a strong black man.

That speaks volumes for him. It’s amazing that someone who is just in your life for a few seconds can realize what type of person that you are. Bleek G produced a really great track.

“Wednesday” comes from Lonny’s upcoming release, Ungrateful EP. To see this truly creative video, watch it below. 

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

[Video] Crem de la Crem – ‘Str8 Like That’

Pyramid Atlanta Crem de la Crem

Crem de la Crem gives us one of the hottest new music videos of the new year with their “Str8 Like That” visual.  The quality is great; the music is popping and so are the bottles.

It’s no question that rap trio, Crem de la Crem, knows how to party with the release of their single, “Str8 Like That.” The video opens with the trio sitting in the house bored when they get an unexpected phone call that leads them to a really dope party.

Producer Tony Fadd and director KD Gray both helped to create a really fun and exciting music video for the record. 

The Atlanta trio takes a West Coast vibe and truly make it their own with a dope party scene for us to enjoy. Watch the party for yourself below. 

[Have You Heard] Chase Aaron – ‘Power’

[Have You Heard] Chase Aaron – ‘Power’

Aaron Chase - Power (Pyramid Atlanta)

WTFcamp member Chase Aaron’s single, “Power”, is a great song that is perfect to vibe to. The beat and mix of vocals are interesting from the start of the song. 

“Power” is a dope track that talks about the struggle that it takes to obtain power. Chase Aaron talks about people wanting power but not wanting to put in the work to gain power. To hear this type of ambition behind an independent artist’s music is really refreshing. This hot track comes off of his newly released project, XXI.

The topic of power is one that is often time left in the dark, luckily Chase Aaron picked it up and addressed the issue. Power can’t be given out to just anyone, this song explains why.

Listen to “Power” on below to hear about the artist’s journey to gain power, and check out XXI here


[Have You Heard] Kaydee – ‘Scattered Thoughts Pt. 1’

[Have You Heard] Kaydee – ‘Scattered Thoughts Pt. 1’

Kaydee - Scattered Thoughts Part 1 Pyramid Atlanta

Kaydee has given us music that was a product of all his experiences in 2014. From his highs to his lows, he lets you in on all of it.

When you listen to “Scattered Parts Pt. 1,” you get an old school flow with really meaningful lyrics. Sweet crooning in the background by WXLA brings the perfect touch to this track.

So many real topics are addressed in this song that you automatically give him respect as an artist. This single comes off Kaydee’s album, The Transition, released last November. His album has caused great buzz and was well-received by his fans.

Check out the smooth record below, and click here to hear more from the artist and The Transition. 

[New Project] J. Nolan x Reese Jones – ‘The Humble Legends’

[New Project] J. Nolan x Reese Jones – ‘The Humble Legends’


J. Nolan and Reese Jones have officially announced that the wait is over. This artist/producer combo has released an EP entitled, The Humble Legends.

Artist J. Nolan has been working with producer Reese Jones for over a year to perfect this masterpiece. They are recognized by many people as the Manifest Movement and have been compared to many great artists in the hip hop industry including Lupe Fiasco, Nas and Talib Kweli.

This EP is a project that is leading into their full length LP, Keep it Cordial, which is scheduled to release this year.

The vibe to the EP is very smooth and Nolan’s lyricism is at its best. Listen to the EP for your own pleasure below, and support these artists by downloading on iTunes.

[Have You Heard] South Fulton Music – ‘Atlanta’ ft. Cadallac

[Have You Heard] South Fulton Music – ‘Atlanta’ ft. Cadallac

South Fulton Music Cadallac Pyramid Atlanta

South Fulton Music dropped a song that will have you rocking so hard that you forget its 2015. This track really takes you back to the hip-hop and rap that Atlanta was built off of.

“Atlanta” is one of the realest songs about the city that has been released in a long time. This track talks about Coca Cola, pimps, and players… everything that the Dirty South is known for. This song features Cadallac and the chemistry is great.

The “New Atlanta” rap matched with the old Atlanta beat is so dope! Anybody from Atlanta will appreciate this song produced by Selah Beats.

Listen to the record below. 

[Video] DNick – ‘Ellipsis’

[Video] DNick – ‘Ellipsis’

DNick - Ellipsis Pyramid Atlanta

Lawrenceville native DNick has released a video for his track called “Ellipsis.” The song can be found off of his project, Lost in Translation.

The video begins with DNick sitting in a chair outside delivering his song face to face with all of his viewers. It is always very distinctive when an artist looks directly into the camera and communicates the message they are trying to get across.

The visuals for this shoot were captured and edited by Meechh. Some of DNick’s music may be familiar to your ear, so make sure you see the man behind the music in this new music video.

Check the video below.

Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Winter 2014 Collection from Wisdom ATL

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)Wisdom ATL has released a line for their Winter 2014 collection.  When you think of wisdom, the first thing that comes to mind is old age. Wisdom ATL is here to completely change our mindset of what it means to have wisdom. Wisdom ATL is showing that as a young generation, we can also exude wisdom. Wisdom is gaining knowledge through experience, being conscious & aware of oneself, and knowing your true potential.

Within this line there are hoodies and t-shirts that showcase sophisticated simplicity. On today’s fashion scene we are so overwhelmed with so many words and colors. Wisdom ATL gives us a pleasant break from all of that with black and white winter gear that showcase the brand in a very fashionable way.

Cop your hoodie or t-shirt on their site today to keep you warm until the Spring/Summer 2015 line drops!

Wisdom ATL (Pyramid Atlanta)