[Debut Project] Xaviier – ‘Planet X’

Xaviier - Planet X Pyramid Atlanta

[Debut Project] Xaviier – ‘Planet X’

Xaviier - Planet X Pyramid Atlanta

After listening to his debut project, you’ll ask: Where has Xaviier been all of my life? Seriously. His voice is beautiful.

The 21-year-old singer from the OthAsideAtl takes us on a journey of love, life, time, and space in his debut offering, Planet X. 

Planet X begins with a cool introduction, before transitioning into his first love song of the project, “On The Low,” where he croons the ladies with soft words and seductive intentions. 

Just from “On The Low,” don’t think Xaviier is just crooning his female listeners. Right after the record, he puts the controversial and tragic death of Eric Garner into perspective with a timely interlude where the singer speaks on the world-shaking issue. 

Love is the highlight of Planet X, however, and after listening to the full project, you see the full potential and talent of Xaviier as an R&B artist. 

Fall into the journey of love and space with Xaviier’s debut, Planet X.


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